Generations Discovery Part 2


Let’s continue on my testing of the new Sims 3 EP – Generations.

Anyway, this face one party dancer crashes Mom’s bachelorette party. Mom isn’t pleased.

He even brought his own party light. Neat.

Agnes holds a speech for the bride. How sweet.

The bride is sleeping however. There just were a command for that, no idea why.

I’m thinking Gage is gay… but at least he’s embracing it.

And pregnant people can also seesaw. Yays!

Eventually, Dad gets home and he and Mom goes for some woohoo in the treehouse.

Watch out for splinters! Yes, you can get splinters (a negative moodlet for a short while).

I was gonna have one of them try the sleeping bag out but one of the guests used it for me. Huh…

Next up is Dad’s bachelor party. And he’s got a snazzy outfit. If Mom hadn’t been preggers, would she have had one too?

For some reason, Dad knows way more people than Mom. Probably because guitar strumming in the park makes friends.

And here’s the strippers. In a pair! They look like magicians.

Finally, Mom can spray some nectar on someone.

I tried to make that not sound dirty.

Potion! This one had a positive effect. The potion making is logic based.

Mom: Oh my god! What is that?!

Mom: It’s the claw! *tickle tickle*

Mom: Herpa derp.

Anyway, the super cute kiddie here is Freya. She was born with black hair, so I gave her some strawberry blonde hair. Freya’s a carbon copy of Dad, ‘cept for the hair of course.

Here’s what’s new for the toddlers. Not much, but I’m happy for anything really.

Agnes gets revenge. Count the party guests who stayed way too long.

See that little icon there with the smiley on it? It’s a memory. And every time you get a memory, you get a pop-up.

I get so many damn pop-ups, even more than when one of my five-star celebs with 30 friends is involved in a scandal which causes all of those 30 friends to terminate their shallow friendship with you!

Oh well, at least you don’t get any long-lasting negative moodlets from it.

In the mail you get these dolls. These are the imaginative friends I presume?

I named the doll Sir Fratley. Get the reference? ;)

Baby stroller! They take their damn time, but cute nonetheless.

Following; cuteness. :3

Oh hey, new kid. This one is named Vivi. He also has a lot from Dad, but he has Mom’s nose and eye colour.

Here’s Freya, booby trapping the shower.

I’m in love with the new long hair. A shame it ain’t available in the elder stages.

Those boots!

Love this.

Back to pranking! Green hair…

… spraying sinks.

I like this! :D

With Sir Fratley, Freya holds a tea party. Not a very long one. Disappointing.

I swear, this is her swimsuit. That shirt is so not swimsuit material.

Otherwise, it’s a nice shot.

I’d expect her to fall off, since she is clumsy, but nope.

Sandbox fun! No animals to crap in it yet, so you better enjoy it.

How’d she get that bucket up there anyway?

Better quit here for now, or I won’t have any shots for the third and last part.

Until next time…

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