Generations Discovery Part 3


And here’s the last part!

I finally went out and bought some toddler literature to read before bedtime. Shouldn’t the book have pictures?

Freya: Whatever dad, I can make another one that’s way better.

It was actually an unfinished pile, but the option of destruction is fun nevertheless.

Freya: Seriously, mom? Is this some kind of plot against me?

Poor starfish (yes, it used to be a starfish).

Freya: This is not my day.

The next day…

Freya: Ah, sweet revenge.

And so Mom and Dad got married.

I was disappointed when Mom didn’t take a piece of wedding cake and showed it in Dad’s face.

Rounding up the evening with some stargazing. <3

Mom: …and this is how you were born.

Vivi: Cannot unsee.

He looks kinda bored to me. But, LOL, the only book she had was a pregnancy book.

For the kid boys, this is what is new. But they can also wear some of the kid clothes I showed in part 2.

Freya grows up outside Agnes’s house. Why you may ask?

Well, Agnes had a party and I brought the whole family. I tried the new interaction “be frisky”, and Mom and Dad proceeded to woohoo in Agnes’s bed. While they were there I thought “might as well try for another kid”.

And then I got kicked out. Hehe. xD

Freya, being rebellious, proceeds to egg the Wainwright house.

Also, Boyd here is demonstrating the cane.

Can’t go any closer, or the house disappears.

Freya is making friends with the Ursine kid.

The dinner menu on the wall is a wedding gift from Agnes. I often forget to check the mail.

Here’s the new kiddie, Beatrix, riding a horsie spring ride.

Now that I think of it, there’s no real world for this type of toy in Sweden. We just call them whatever they represent, this one would be a horse.

Not only kids can hopscotch! :D

Ghost stories have evolved into something greater.

Vivi was having this constant negative moodlet for some reason. Apparently skipping school to repair stuff at the school gets you in trouble. So Vivi had to beg for his dad’s forgiveness, which he got.

Prom! Vivi, the loser, is the one without a date.

Prom photos, science lab souvenirs, Freya’s driving license and two crowns; Freya became queen and, despite him recently becoming a teen, Vivi became king.

During prom, stuff happened, and Vivi accidentally became a romantic interest of the Keaton kid.

Since he wouldn’t kiss the red head boy, I decided to dump him and be just friends instead.

After this I got bored with the family, but here’s a little epilogue.

Freya’s traits are Clumsy, Slob, Rebellious, Flirty and Star Quality.

I gave her the Master Romancer LTW, despite the fact she went steady with the Ursine girl at the prom.

If I’d continue with the family, she’d probably be the heiress. She seems like a free rebel with many lovers to me.

The only not clone, Vivi. His traits are Insane, Lucky, Athletic, Perfectionist and something else.

LTW is Physical Perfection. Vivi is a dork to me.

Little kid Beatrix has the following traits; Neurotic, Disciplined, Neat and can’t remember the rest.

Can’t remember her LTW, and in all she’s kinda forgettable to me.

So, that’s it for my trip into Generations. In all, I loved it.

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  1. I learned some things about reading your rendition of Generations :D awesome stuff!

    Little Freya was awesome and so cute :D About the houses disappearing when you get close, here’s a tip. If you hit the tabs button, it turns on camera mode and everything that disappears in normal mode shows back up again.

    We also don’t really have a word for the spring rides either. We just lump them in with the rest of the kiddie rides.

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