The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 32: Bake Sale


C32 Title Card

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well, it’s summer and I finally have time to post some chapters. Perhaps I can even post them all before August 29th (the day I posted the first chapter)?

Last time; Chalcedony grew old and retired to pursue inventing, Kaylynn also retired from her job and twin girls Astrotrain and Skywarp were born.

Chapter 32 (1)

The new chef of the family, if she becomes the heiress?

Chapter 32 (2)

This is her benchmark, who makes perfect food almost constantly.

Chapter 32 (3)

Chapter 32 (4)

Chapter 32 (5)

She has a long road ahead of her.

Cyclonus: I’m just a kid! What do you want from me?!

Chapter 32 (6)

Naw, Egg Yolk finally died. Best spare ever so far.

Chapter 32 (7)

Chalce: Errr… What was I supposed to do now again?

Make me a time machine!

Chapter 32 (8)

Or, you know, you could help with the kids.


Chapter 32 (9)

Why did I take this picture?

Chapter 32 (10)

Rochelle: Am I a good mother?

Probably. Now teach them to walk too.

Chapter 32 (11)

Picture for the sake of picture.

I swear, the jokes were there in April…

Chapter 32 (12)

And as I order, Chalce delivers.

Chapter 32 (13)

Let’s step into the mysterious unknown known as time!

Chapter 32 (14)

Chapter 32 (16)

Chalce: What did I do wrong?!

Ehem, here’s the bake sale for the chapter!

Chapter 32 (15)

Now I want to sniff cupcakes and cookies. :<

Chapter 32 (17)

Lady: I’ll have two sugar cookies, three chocolate chips and all of the blueberry cupcakes.

Cyclonus: Alright, should I charge you for one person or two?

*Trying to make a joke about the fused person*

Chapter 32 (18)

Cyclonus: Pesky flies, begone!

Chapter 32 (19)

Tenderloin: Would you stop bawling and let me style you?

Chapter 32 (20)

Mortimer: My wife just died you jerk, but thanks for the snazzy suit.

And now Gerbera is gone. Then it’s Pyro’s turn before Chalcedony’s.

Chapter 32 (21)

One would wonder how those cookies and cupcakes would have lickability since they don’t have frosting…

Chapter 32 (22)

But never mind, it’s still a cute idle animation.

Chapter 32 (23)

Rochelle *trying to sneak away*

Skywarp: I see you there mother!

Rochelle: Rats!

Chapter 32 (24)

Cyclonus: A bottle cap? What a rip-off!

Chapter 32 (25)

Chapter 32 (26)

Skywarp: What?

I think I need to move towns, besides, this was around the time Late Night was about to arrive.

Chapter 32 (27)

Skywarp: No need, my good sir, I can just walk down whenever I need to.

Well, I move towns anyway pretty soon.

Until next time…

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