The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 33: Green


C33 Title Card

They didn’t position themselves like that on their own, I put them there since they keep coming – from somewhere. Keeping the family from going places and opening the fridge, and etcetera.

Last time; Cyclonus tried baking, the potties were glitched and I lost half of my jokes.

Chapter 33 (1)

I remembered that Rochelle was dramatic, and dramatic sims can just faint whenever they want!

Chapter 33 (2)


Chalce: Gah! Don’t scare me like that! I could’ve set myself on fire again!

And then he did. :P

Chapter 33 (3)

Here’s some fun trivia. This is my first Sims 3 sim. Barely edited EA sim Samuel Parrot. I made him a girl too, Veronica Aura, whom we’ll not see now but maybe another time.

Chapter 33 (4)

Chapter 33 (5)

And here the red couple, becoming adults.

Cyclonus: Happy Birthday… yay… Can I go to bed now?

Chapter 33 (6)

Rochelle: Have I become the empress of evil yet?

Not yet, but hey – birthday!

Chapter 33 (7)

Galvatron: I make a cute face. :3

So what trait do I roll for him? Daredevil.

Chapter 33 (8)

Galvatron: Ha! Now I no longer have to sleep in the living room with you!

Chapter 33 (9)

Cute! :3

Chapter 33 (10)

Find the food in this picture.

Chapter 33 (11)

Whut? Why is your face green?

Chapter 33 (12)


Chapter 33 (13)

Kay & Chalce: Feels like there’s something we should do…

Chapter 33 (14)

And now ghosts can float in mid-air one story high. Anything for shortcuts ey?

Chapter 33 (15)

A new lot in a new town appears! It’s Bridgeport!

Note: This is of course a while ago, but my first adventure in Bridgeport can be read here, here and here.

Chapter 33 (16)

And is face is still green! Agh! Outfit glitch! *shakes fist in frustration*

Chapter 33 (17)

But lookie here! Skywarp grew up before the move, and rolled Loves the Outdoors.

Chapter 33 (18)

And two other girls grew up too. Astrotrain rolled Bookworm, while her elder sister Cyclonus rolled Bookworm too!

Chapter 33 (19)

Tenderloin: So with the new old EP, we can ask signs. What’s your’s?

Chapter 33 (20)

Rochelle: Pisces.

Tenderloin: That means we are compatible! Yays!

Chapter 33 (21)

Rochelle: *Rages about something all of a sudden*

Tenderloin: *Cute sad face reaction*

Chapter 33 (22)

Tenderloin: Huggles?

Rochelle: Ew, no!

Chapter 33 (23)

Rochelle: *Tries to flirt*

Chapter 33 (24)

Tenderloin: You had your chance. >:(

Rochelle: </3

Chapter 33 (25)

On the other hand, instruments! :D I figured the kids could make a band, with the four instruments on the 4 kids.

Cyclonus on bass, Astrotrain on drums, Galvatron on piano and Skywarp on guitar.

Chapter 33 (26)

Tenderloin: *Cross-eyed* Wow! This will make Rochelle not reject me!

Chapter 33 (27)

Rochelle: Must I have a makeover as well? I’m fab as it is!

Chapter 33 (28)

Rochelle: No wait, this is way better! :D

Chapter 33 (29)

Tenderloin: You better watch out for your mother, son. She’s become a real bitch since we moved here.

Chapter 33 (30)

Well, at least she’s a sexy bitch.

Until next time…

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