Regnbåge Housetour #2


Before I move on with the chapters, here’s some pictures of the new house in Bridgeport.

Housetour 2 (1)

The red couple has a bubble bath in their room. Yep. I just went there.

Housetour 2 (2)

Rochelle gets a corner where she can train, with some motivational photos. ;P

Housetour 2 (3)

Chalcedony gets a treadmill, even though it’s pointless since he topped his career and athletic skill ages ago.

Housetour 2 (4)

And the walls are full with paintings of their two kids.

Housetour 2 (5)

This is one half of the twins’ room. Bed belongs to Skywarp.

Housetour 2 (6)

And, of course, this bed belongs to Astrotrain.

Housetour 2 (7)

Cyclonus’s room.

Housetour 2 (8)

Galvatron’s room.

Housetour 2 (9)

Hallway, full of paintings of the spares.

Housetour 2 (10)

The other way is an easel and a TV.

Housetour 2 (11)

The living room, I suppose, in black light with a stage and a bar.

Housetour 2 (12)


Housetour 2 (13)

Robotic fish tank, so kewl.

Housetour 2 (14)

Housetour 2 (15)

So do I call this room lounge or lobby?

Housetour 2 (16)

The lame yard with no landscaping whatsoever.

Housetour 2 (17)

Finally, a small graveyard for the unfortunate.

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