The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 34: New Things


C34 Title Card

Astrotrain doing homework late in the evening in the big bad city = nice artistic shot?

Last time; All the kids became at least children before moving to Bridgeport, Tenderloin’s face became green for some reason, he and Rochelle didn’t get along in the new city so they got some nice makeovers. Will they get along now then? Let’s find out…

Chapter 34 (1)

Galvatron: OMG THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVE- ! *breaks neck*

It’s not good to sit like that. Change position regularly, don’t get stiff! I myself have been pretty clean from computer related pains. :)

Chapter 34 (2)

Falling in elevators: Takes up so much damn time.

Chapter 34 (3)

Tenderloin: I’m okay you know, thank you very much.

And looking relatively cool while at it.

Chapter 34 (4)

Galvatron: How come I’m neglected and forgotten? I want more screentime!

Cyclonus: It’s because you’re a clone. Lol. :)

Tenderloin: True dat.

Galvatron: >:(

Chapter 34 (5)

Galvatron: *Bitches about screentime*

Tenderloin: Sigh, you are getting some now. Please be quiet about it now.

Also, fellow in-running heiresses being bookworms.

Chapter 34 (6)

With the new pool tools you can make all sorts of weird pools, and Chalce needs one if he sets himself on fire again.

Chapter 34 (7)

But for now he’s chilling in the bubble bath with the others. It’s a real shame that children can’t bathe in there.

Maybe they are too short and they would drown?

Chapter 34 (8)

And the garden gets a revival. Haven’t cared about one since Pollen went back to the Netherworld.

Chapter 34 (9)

Kay: Hum di dum di dum… Foooooooooooooot

Chapter 34 (10)

Kay: Oh hi bb, where did you come from?

Chapter 34 (11)

Chalce: How about some fun before our son goes to bed? ;)

Kay: You read my mind. :D

Chapter 34 (12)


Chapter 34 (13)

In another place…

Tenderloin: I see you got some new threads.

Rochelle: So? *Looks tired/uninterested*

Chapter 34 (14)

Tenderloin: How about we take them off? Just for a little while…

Haha! It looks so weird when he’s doing it! xD

Chapter 34 (15)

And the couple is now getting along again. Yay!

Chapter 34 (16)

Tenderloin: I love you. :3

Rochelle: *blushing* Love you too.

Chapter 34 (17)

My favourite romantic interaction is still the shy kiss. <3

Chapter 34 (18)

Astrotrain: Oh hai pretty celebrity lady!

Stella Striker: Ew, go away you stinky non-celebrity child!

Chapter 34 (19)

Astrotrain: What the heck did I do wrong?

Stella: *thinks to herself* Oh my god…

Chapter 34 (20)

Stella: That was a legacy child! Now I screwed up! What if I won’t get invited to future parties?! Oh noes!

I hate that kids can’t impress celebrities. >:|

Chapter 34 (21)

Rochelle: Finally, I AM the winner!

So now, she has become THE EMPRESS OF EVIL! MUHAHAHAHHAHA! Therefore fulfilling her LTW.

Chapter 34 (22)

Tenderloin: So that’s a vampire…


Chapter 34 (23)

But all is not well as…

Kay: It seems as I’m dying.

Chapter 34 (24)

Death: Haha. you’re dead.

Chapter 34 (25)

And so the spouse dies first, again. Kay died at 93 days. She did everything she should and wanted.

Thanks for being a great spouse.

Chapter 34 (26)

Although she leaves one sad husband behind.

Commence with the whining and crying!

Chapter 34 (27)

Tenderloin: Now who is that?

Chapter 34 (28)

Tenderloin: Just hold it for a second, gotta fulfill my LTW first.


Chapter 34 (29)

Tenderloin: *sobs* Oh customer-who’s-money-made-me-top-my-career! My mother recently died! D:

Chapter 34 (30)

So, now he can greet her.

Tenderloin: Hello there~. Who might you be?

Pretty Lady: Boxer, Victoria. I’ll be your stalker paparazza from now on.

Tenderloin: Nice.

Until next time…

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