The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 35: Party Party


C35 Title Card

Black light makes people look… weird.

Last time; Rochelle and Tenderloin got along again, Astrotrain failed to impress a celebrity, Kay died and the red couple both achieved their LTWs. And we saw a pretty paparazza!

Chapter 35 (1)

Look! More cute! But, seriously, black highlights on blonde hair?

Chapter 35 (2)

Pwhahahahaha!! Look at that beard! xD

Oh, and birthday for the only boy child this generation!

Chapter 35 (3)

Cyclonus: Hi there cutie, what’s your sign?

Chapter 35 (4)

Cycl0nus: Yes, compatibility! Score!

Chapter 35 (5)

Oh, Galvatron (roller of the Brave trait) I’m so sorry for that horrible makeover. I’ll fix it later this chapter.

Oh hai Victoria!

Chapter 35 (6)

I invited her, ’cause I like her. A lot.

Chapter 35 (7)

Jupiter is also cute.

Chapter 35 (8)

Chapter 35 (9)

They get along well still, I’m so relieved.

Chapter 35 (10)

Letterman: And that’s for-! Hey! Where’d the letter go?

Chapter 35 (11)

Chalcedony, now a 3-star celebrity, can now get into clubs without having to bribe the bouncer.

Chapter 35 (12)

Chalce: I want your best, dear Boob Lady! Chop chop!

Chapter 35 (13)

Boob Lady: Oops! Sorry mister.

Chalce: :|

Chapter 35 (14)

Chalce: That’s better. *still* :|

Chapter 35 (15)

Chapter 35 (16)

Chalce: Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. :)

Boob Lady: *Relieved*

Chapter 35 (17)

Deidre: What’s with all the purple? What about pink? Pink is the best! Preposterous!

This is Deidre, I think she has anger issues. (In fact she has the Grumpy trait)

Chapter 35 (18)

Cyclonus: Frick yeah! Awesome!

Chapter 35 (19)

Kay has come to visit! I guess it’s a good thing I put the goggles in Cyclonus’s room, since she’s one of few who appreciates the visiting ghosts.

Chapter 35 (20)

Cyclonus: Yo brother! I see your clothes are not horrible anymore.

Galvatron: The Overseer cared enough about me! I’m so happy!

Chapter 35 (21)

Victoria: This I gotta write about…

More parties! I don’t even know what this one’s about.. Or do I? ;)

Chapter 35 (22)

And now they are pals enough to hug!

Have I mentioned that Cyclonus and Astrotrain are the ones in the running for heiress? Because they are.

Chapter 35 (23)

Astrotrain: I’m about to read in my swimsuit. You got a problem?

Chapter 35 (24)


Chalce: I’m going to a swimwear party, while there’s another party going on at home. :)

Chapter 35 (25)

Muscle definition – you did it too much.

Chapter 35 (26)

Muscle Lady: You’re just jealous of my strength!

Chalce: Gulp!

Chapter 35 (27)

Chapter 35 (28)

Astrotrain: I like this boy.

The party continues in the next chapter, so until next time…

Oh, and the boy’s name is Bronson.

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