The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 36: Boom!


C36 Title Card

I apologize if the text is hard to read, but does it really matter since the text is right above the title card. :P

Last time; There was a party where Galvatron grew up and I gave him a horrible makeover (but I fixed it later), and when the last chapter ended there was one party at home, and Chalce went to a swimwear party at another house.

Chapter 36 (1)

Rochelle: There seems to be a lot of angry tension in the air… Do you know why, son?

Galvatron: Something is different alright, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Chapter 36 (2)

Chalce: What the heck is this thing doing here? This is my bed!

Sorry, I never have spare beds so this is a normal occurrence for me.

Chapter 36 (3)

Just sleep on your sofa until he wakes up and leaves.

Chapter 36 (4)

And decides to bathe in the red couple’s bedroom. I don’t even…

Tenderloin, the light sleeper, of course wakes up.

Tenderloin: Who designed this house? A monkey?

Hey! I thought it was fun! And, by the way, I was born in the sign of the monkey so you’re halfway right about that.

Chapter 36 (5)

Tenderloin: You know, if you’re gonna bathe in our hot tub I’m gonna have to do something about your style.

Chapter 36 (6)

A hat is what was missing!

Chapter 36 (7)

Bronson: Light sleeper, ugh. Take some sleeping pills will ya!

Tenderloin: Heavy sleeper, ugh. Keep your snores away from me!

Chapter 36 (8)

Tenderloin: Although… I have to say you nailed it with the shoes.

Chapter 36 (9)

Cyclonus: Mom, I think the tension comes from that red glow you have.

Rochelle: What glow?

Chapter 36 (10)

Rochelle: Oh, that glow. I better go and find out if it’s true…

Chapter 36 (11)

Rochelle: Hug time?

Tenderloin: Nuuu.. I don’t wanna.

Chapter 36 (12)

Tenderloin: There’s something about you that turns me off.

Rochelle: *thinks to herself* So Cyclonus was right?

Chapter 36 (13)

Elspeth: Hehe. I love drama.

Chapter 36 (14)

Rochelle: The bar is the only one who understands me.

Jupiter: This is way too much drama for me. *hurls*

Chapter 36 (15)

Anyway the party’s reason has surfaced! Birthday! Woo!

By the way, Astrotrain has always seemed to be the youngest twin to me, despite the fact that she’s the elder twin.

Chapter 36 (16)

I love her makeover.

Chapter 36 (17)

Up next is Skywarp (who has less screen time than Galvatron!).

Chapter 36 (18)

As you might see, Astrotrain rolled Inappropriate. Fits her like a glove!

Astrotrain: Ahaha! My twin is a carbon copy of dad!

Oh hai almost-Victoria!

Chapter 36 (19)

Skywarp: Grr.. I do have different hair and eye colour!

Astrotrain: Whatevah, clone!

Skywarp rolls Bookworm… Is every kid in this generation a bookworm?! Well, all female kids are…

Chapter 36 (20)

Cyclonus: Grr… You better stay outta my way, I want to be heiress!

Astrotrain: Pfft, just try to stop me sister!

Chapter 36 (21)

Meanwhile, at the other party… Chalcedony is busy stealing from the bathroom.

Chapter 36 (22)

Chalce: So I’ve stolen the toilet, a light and a mirror… What’s there left to do now?

Chapter 36 (23)

Chalce: Eeheheeeheee!

Chapter 36 (24)

Muscular Dark-Skinned Man: What’chu up to, my man?

Chalce: Get outta here, dude! Quick!

Chapter 36 (25)


Chapter 36 (26)

Chalce: Totally worth it! :)

Chapter 36 (27)

But why stop there? Here’s a couch I got for being a celebrity.

Chapter 36 (28)


Chapter 36 (29)

Chalce: And I shall vacuum up the pieces.

Until next time…

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