The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 37: Dramalama Part 1


C37 Title Card

And this starts a bunch of drama filled chapters, at least three.

Last time; The party continued, the red couple started to not get along again, the twins grew up and Chalce blew up a table at the swimwear party.

Chapter 37 (1)

Tenderloin: I’ve been thinking, love, and I think your Empress of Evil status is hurting our relationship. Would you consider quitting that?

Chapter 37 (2)

Rochelle: I will, my love. I’ve had my time in the evil light. I don’t want to lose you to my career.

Besides, they already have enough finances.

Chapter 37 (3)

Rochelle: There. I’ve done it.

Chapter 37 (4)

Tenderloin: I’m so proud of you! Hug now?

Rochelle: Not now! I’m kind of upset for losing my servants I had as an empress.

You had servants?

Chapter 37 (5)

That, or she wants to be just a little bit evil for a little while longer.

Chapter 37 (6)

Dancing fixes all! That’s how I got Goodwin and Sinbad together.

Chapter 37 (7)

Did I forget to put walls up? I think so…

Oh, and Cyclonus is greeting a mysterious visitor! Who could it be?

Chapter 37 (8)

It’s just Bronson.

Cyclonus: Let’s go over and watch the view.

Chapter 37 (9)

Cyclonus: Where’d he go?


Chapter 37 (10)

Cyclonus: You smell very peculiar, like a microwave dinner.

Uh… Look at the view! Pretty! :D

Chapter 37 (11)

At the top of the… everything… Cyclonus and Bronson enjoys some smooching.

Chapter 37 (12)

Oh noes! Don’t turn to the bottle Rochelle!

Rochelle: This is some delicious juice.

Right, I forgot alcohol was replaced by juice in the Sims universe.

Chapter 37 (13)

Astrotrain: So I noticed you being smoochy with my sister. How about you share some with me?

And yes, she’s in her sleepwear. Inspired by Apple Creeper of all sims!

Chapter 37 (14)

Bronson: Sorry, but I don’t know you good enough. You are in your sleepwear if you didn’t notice. It’s strangely distracting.

Astrotrain: Balls… It didn’t work…

Chapter 37 (15)

Astrotrain: Then how about you tell me your sign at least then, please?

Bronson: *thinks to himself* Don’t stare, don’t stare, don’t stare…

Astrotrain: Pretty boy?

Bronson: It’s Gemini.

Chapter 37 (16)

Wait what-?! How did this happen?

Chapter 37 (17)

On to other things… I hired a butler!

Chapter 37 (18)

If I only didn’t have to buy her a bed. She’s a great cook.

Chapter 37 (19)

Rochelle: This ain’t going so well, love. All the negative tension is giving me headaches.

Chapter 37 (20)

Rochelle: It’s like no-one likes me anymore. It’s just hostility all over the place. Is this because I’m evil?

Chapter 37 (21)

Tenderloin: How should I know? You haven’t been the nicest person lately.

Chapter 37 (22)

Rochelle: How dare you?! How about some dang support here?

Chapter 37 (23)

After a bit of bitch slapping…

Rochelle: Don’t you think I care about what happens to us? I quit being empress for you!

Chapter 37 (24)

That night they sleep with lots of tension.

I apologize if the drama doesn’t come across as clear as it should, I’m a newb when it comes to writing dialogue. :P

Until next time…

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