The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 38: Dramalama Part 2


C38 Title Card

This chapter is brought to you by an old man dancing on a bar table, compatible with bar stools. Why haven’t I made that design choice for any kitchen yet?

Because I’m stupidly silly. ;)

Last time; Rochelle quit her job in order to get better along with her husband, Tenderloin, but it didn’t do that much. On the other hand, both the possible heiresses, Cyclonus then Astrotrain, took the romantic route with the blonde boy with the black highlights, Bronson.

Chapter 39 (1)

Rochelle: Woo! Old man dancing!

Tenderloin: I wish I’d be that cool when I’m old.

Chapter 39 (2)

Another Boob Lady: Dancing old man?! I can’t believe I saw it in person!

Why is every woman in Bridgeport so busty? Not that I’m complaining, but I haven’t really seen any woman with no boobs at all!

Chapter 39 (3)

Deidre: … and another thing, this “house” you live in is complete garbage!

Cyclonus: Is this bitch asking for it?

Chapter 39 (4)

Cyclonus: Derp derp! I’m Deidre the hateful and I don’t like anything! Even my own brother!

Chapter 39 (5)

Cyclonus: So why don’t you GTFO before I do something horrible to that dress you obviously stole from my little sister!

Chapter 39 (6)

Deidre: You better watch it skank, or I tell my mother about my cheating father so my brother will turn into a vampire and then die of thirst because of depression!

Cyclonus: You wouldn’t effing dare!

Well, at least that’s what the wiki says. I see this Bronson as a softie.

Chapter 39 (7)

Deidre & Cyclonus: *Death glare*

Galvatron: Cat fight. Woo.

Chapter 39 (8)

Skywarp: This ain’t fair, bro! We clones should have love triangles and troubles too!

Hehe, if I would’ve had any cc or mods (which will be present in the next sims related thingie I do) I could’ve made them into androgynous beings and make a Twelfth Night sort of thing. Or maybe I can do that later? Hrmm….

Chapter 39 (9)

Butler: Oooooooh yeeeeeah!

Chapter 39 (10)

Butler: This is the stuff that makes butlering worth doing!

Chapter 39 (11)

Butler: But you girl, you better keep up with your bitching or else I’m gonna have to smack you!

Chapter 39 (12)

Rochelle: What’s with all the yelling in here? Could you pu-lease STFU?

Chapter 39 (13)

Skywarp: What the hell, mom?! We deserve some screen time too! Don’t be a bitch just ’cause dad thinks you’re being one!

Rochelle: You dare?!

Chapter 39 (14)

Chalce: This is too much drama for me. Bye bye!

Chapter 39 (15)

Death: You are the only fella that seems somewhat happy about my arrival.

Chalce: Hey, anything to get outta here. This drama ain’t for me.

Chapter 39 (16)

So, our orange heir goes away at the age of 90 days. He was a joy to play with, so have a good one Chalcedony!

Chapter 39 (17)

That night Tenderloin sleeps troubled…

Chapter 39 (18)

… only to wake up to this. Sigh.

Chapter 39 (19)

Tenderloin: What has happened to us? Everything is falling apart! I… am in need of rescue…

Chapter 39 (20)

Rochelle: Don’t lay any blame on me! I’ve heard what you think of me, being a “bitch” and all.

Chapter 39 (21)

Tenderloin: I don’t want you to be a bitch, because I love you! But your instant negative attitude isn’t helping anything!

Chapter 39 (22)

Rochelle: Just leave me alone! I don’t need this crap right now!

Paintings: Well, this is awkward…

Chapter 39 (23)

Tenderloin: Hello fellow celebrity. Spare a shoulder?

Celeb Lady: Uh, what?

Chapter 39 (24)

Tenderloin: *Bawls on lady’s shoulder*

Celeb Lady: Oh…

That was a kinda depressive end… but there’s two more dramalama chapters left!

Until next time…

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