The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 39: Dramalama Part 3


C39 Title Card

I have nothing to say about today’s title card, so…

Last time; Bronson’s lil sis came into the house and argued, Tenderloin and Rochelle continued to argue, Chalcedony thought the drama levels were too high and decided to die (it wasn’t as horrible as it sounds).

Chapter 39 (1)

We begin this chapter on a positive note!

Chapter 39 (2)

Cyclonus: How about we make out like they do it in the Sims 2?

I do miss that interaction… Sigh…

Chapter 39 (3)

Bronson: No thanks! Not now!

Chapter 39 (4)

Bronson: Things aren’t so good back home… It’d feel weird.

Chapter 39 (5)

Cyclonus: *Defeated*

And it looks so *insert appropriate adjective here*.

Chapter 39 (6)


Whut? >:|

Chapter 39 (7)

Cyclonus: I know you don’t have to be bright as the sun all the time, but now you’re being ridiculous!

Bronson: Please don’t get angry! It’s my negative moodlet’s fault!

Cyclonus: You won’t care for long, I’m breaking up with you!

Yes, they became bf/gf somewhere along the road.

Chapter 39 (8)

Bronson: You didn’t have to, evil woman! I would’ve been fine the next day!

Cyclonus: I think I might go and die like grandpa ’cause of the drama overload…

Actually no, I decided the heiress at this point. :)

Chapter 39 (9)

The day after…

Astrotrain: Oh hai dude! So I heard my sis dumped you… Well, why don’t you come over here and I’ll make your depression go away…

Chapter 39 (10)

Astrotrain: Oh crepes I hope this works…

See what I did there? ;D

Chapter 39 (11)

Astrotrain: Waahh! My grandfather died from a drama overload! Hold me plz. *sob sob*

Chapter 39 (12)

Astrotrain: So how about we get right down to business, dude?

Bronson: No no no! I’m heartbroken, Astrotrain! I don’t think I can take a relation right now!

Astrotrain: Well, my granddad is dead and you don’t see me whining.

Chapter 39 (13)

Bronson: You’re a weird one to say the least…

Astrotrain: Well, I am inappropriate after all, duh…

Chapter 39 (14)

Astrotrain: But seriously, what would you rather do? Knock boots with me or live a pointless NPC life? If you’re worried about the drama, then don’t, I’ll fix it.

I think I’m gonna love writing her…

Chapter 39 (15)

Later, inside…

Astrotrain: Haha! Your father is cheating on your mother!

Chapter 39 (16)

Astrotrain: Sorry sorry! I’m inappropriate, remember? Sometimes I just slip the toad…

Bronson: What have I given myself into?

Chapter 39 (17)

Rochelle: You! Butler woman who lives on gossip! You cost way to much! GTFO, please!

Chapter 39 (18)

Butler: Fine, Mrs! But you should know that every member of this household thinks you’re no better than a bunch of rubbish! With flies surrounding it!

Chapter 39 (19)

Astrotrain: Oh hai dad! What’chu thinkin’ about?

Tenderloin: A lot of things trouble me… I don’t really know…

Chapter 39 (20)

Astrotrain: You know I love you dad, and I want to to be happy. So far as I see it, your main trouble is mom. If you just tell her to GTFO then problem solved, right?

Chapter 39 (21)

Dum-dum dum-dum dum-dum.

Chapter 39 (22)

Tenderloin: It finally dawned on me. You. Are Evil.

Chapter 39 (23)

Tenderloin: That’s why you enjoy my suffering. That’s why pretty much no-one in this house can stand you. I think we should separate…

Chapter 39 (24)

Chapter 39 (25)

Tenderloin: That’s it! We are through! Separated! Divorced! Not together! Anymore!

Chapter 39 (26)

Rochelle: But wait- I…

Tenderloin: I don’t want to hear anything more from you…

Chapter 39 (27)

Tenderloin: You had your shot. I tried many times but you wouldn’t listen… I’m sorry it had to come to this…

Chapter 39 (28)

Tenderloin: You can take the bed where the butler used to sleep…

She looks so sad! :(

Until next time…

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