The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 40: Dramalama Epilogue


C40 Title Card

How many covers has Cyclonus had now? Four?

Last time; our cover girl and Bronson broke up, as did Rochelle and Tenderloin, but things seemed to go well for Astrotrain, the heiress.

Chapter 40 (1)

Rochelle gets to sleep in the spare bed that the butler had before she got fired, appropriately coloured in her fav: hot pink.

Chapter 40 (2)

Meanwhile, like in the middle of the night, upset single Tenderloin drives downtown.

Chapter 40 (3)

Vlad: Are you sure you’re okay with this?

Tenderloin: Yeah! *hick* Do it!

Vlad: All righty…

Chapter 40 (4)

Tenderloin: *insert appropriate sound effect here*


Chapter 40 (5)

Tenderloin: Whoa… Can’t feel my arm… Thanks man…

Vlad: My pleasure. ;P

Chapter 40 (6)

Astrotrain: See, now everything’s fine. Dad divorced mum, just like that. Now nothing can stop the boot knocking.

Chapter 40 (7)

Bronson: You’re crazy, yet I find myself unable to let go of you.

Chapter 40 (8)

Man, I really need a lighting mod. I can barely see them!

Chapter 40 (9)

Tenderloin: Give me something that makes me forget about this day, please.

Chapter 40 (10)

This bar is nicely coloured now that I think of it… :|

Chapter 40 (11)

I didn’t know you could do that!

Chapter 40 (12)

Cyclonus: Man, this is depressing… and very inappropriate.

Chapter 40 (13)

Cyclonus: I’ll show them! >:D *rolls and locks in One Sim Band LTW*

Chapter 40 (14)

The next day…

Victoria: Hey, there’s my favourite- where’d he go?

It’s my favourite paparazza!

Chapter 40 (15)

Victoria: There you are! *waves*

Chapter 40 (16)

Victoria: I envy your ability to change clo-

Chapter 40 (17)

Victoria: -thes in the blink of an eye… Well, there must be something I missed.

Chapter 40 (19)

Chapter 40 (18)

Victoria: You look different…

Tenderloin: I divorced my wife, that’s what I did. And then I went out and got plastered, I think. Can’t remember much.

Victoria: If I still was a paparazza I could make tons of cash on just the first thing you said.

Chapter 40 (20)

Tenderloin: I need someone, would you be that someone and move in with me?

Victoria: You bet your ass I will.

Chapter 40 (21)

Chapter 40 (22)

Victoria comes into the house a pro of the art of mixology, since she was a mixologist after her paparazza job.

Victoria Card

And here’s her intro card! Is this horrible of me? I had my eye on her since I saw her, but I didn’t divorce Tenderloin just for this. That relationship was beyond rescue.

With that constant grumpy face, I’m surprised she ain’t Grumpy – although I am very surprised at Over-Emotional. She has the same LTW as Kay had. No problemo!

Chapter 40 (23)

I made a little room for Rochelle, she deserves that much.

Chapter 40 (24)

Rochelle: This is Torture Land right?

Back then it didn’t feel like it… Now it does, since she has to paint her ex-husband’s new girlfriend’s portrait. If her Hot-Headed trait could react, it would cause her to smash the painting right after it was done.

Chapter 40 (25)

Victoria gets along much better with the household.

Chapter 40 (26)

Lastly, my first key to the city in this legacy! To Tenderloin for being a fabulous stylist.

Note that I took down anything Rochelle related in the room.

Until next time…

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