The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 42: 2 x 2


C42 Title Card

Because I totally forgot about a title card. At least it ain’t that spoilery.

Last time; Tenderloin became a vampire(!), he and Victoria married, all the teenage kids became young adults, including newly moved in Bronson, and Cyclonus moved out.

With a new heir couple comes intro cards!

Astrotrain Card

Our heiress’ last trait was Kleptomaniac, therefore I picked the steal 50k worth of stuff LTW for her.

Bronson Card

Bronson makes the second sim (and spouse) to roll the International Super Spy LTW. No matter though, since it was a while since Shark was alive.

Maybe I should mention his favourites too, which are indie music, hot dogs and black.

Chapter 42 (1)

Astro: You’re so cute, my man. I never want to let go of you.

Bronson: If I let go of you I’d never be able to live, my star.

Vic: *grumble grumble* >:|

Chapter 42 (2)

Astro: Now don’t be afraid, but this might be a bit shiny

Chapter 42 (3)

Bronson: A bit?! This is ultra shiny!

Astrotrain: So, how about it?

Bronson: Yes yes yes!

Chapter 42 (4)

Astro: *thinks to herself* And it was free too, mwahahahaa!

Chapter 42 (5)

I got Rochelle a job in journalism. She’s so sad to have around in the house. But she’ll be moving out soon.

Chapter 42 (6)

Vic: Hey Astro, your dad and I made a band. Would you like to join it?

Astro: Sure thing, step-mum. I’m a killer at drums!

Skywarp: I’m so alone, so forgotten…

Chapter 42 (7)

Astro: Dude, I just joined a band! Wanna join it too? We need a bass player.

Bronson: All right, would be fun I suppose.

Skywarp: But at least I have the music, la la la…

And so 2 Red 2 Purple is full.

Chapter 42 (8)

Astro: Someone should really put that plant to rest, I feel so sad for it.

Chapter 42 (9)

Galvatron: Bye burglar alarm! I’ll miss you the most.

Chapter 42 (10)

Skywarp: Bye bubble thingie! No one ever used you, but I once thought about it.

And so the last two kids leave the house, making room for other kids.

Chapter 42 (11)

Astro: I’m betting ya 50 simbucks I can make more awesome kids than you! In?

Chapter 42 (12)

Vic: Sure. But I suggest you get married first, or the paparazzi will be over you like vultures.

Chapter 42 (13)


Astro: Screw what Victoria said, let’s make some bastards ey?

Bronson: But I want to marry you, star.

Astro: We can do that later. Woohoo. Now.

Bronson: Promise?

Astro: Yeah, yeah. Now let’s knock some boots!

Chapter 42 (14)

In the middle of the night…

Vic: Nothing wrong with me, I just turned out to be pregnant. I’ll just go back to sleep now.

Chapter 42 (15)

Astro: Grr…

Bronson: Calm down, star, she has probably moved on from me.

She has in fact. With a fellow named Romeo Rake.

Chapter 42 (16)

Haha! I love how Rochelle’s eyes is perfectly censored by the bubble.

Chapter 42 (17)

Astro: You already have a ring?

Bronson: Um, it’s the one you gave me before.

Astro: Oh… Well, I forgot.

Chapter 42 (18)

Tenderloin: I’ve noticed your wardrobe change, love. I didn’t know you preferred lilac.

Chapter 42 (19)

Vic: Well, the thing is I can’t wear my dress since you knocked me up.

Chapter 42 (20)

Tenderloin: It worked? Sweet.

Chapter 42 (21)

Rochelle: At least it’s my daughter’s husband…

Chapter 42 (22)

Here’s some fun facts for you!

These two are both legacy spouses, they are both blondes, both prefer hot dogs, both are premade sims, both are from Bridgeport and both have LTWs that past spouses have had!

Forgot to mention Victoria’s faves; indie, hot dogs and purple.

They even have the same music style favourite! What the heck?!

Chapter 42 (23)

Astro: So… mom. How are you these days?

Rochelle: After this I’m gone.

Astro: It was good knowing you.

Chapter 42 (24)

Cyclonus: Look sis! I’ve gotten a pregnant parasitic twin!

Chapter 42 (25)

Astro: Hurr hurr. Very funny. Good luck with your Triple Agent boyfriend.

Chapter 42 (26)

But before she leaves she gotta steal some stuff.

Chapter 42 (27)

Rochelle: The day of liberation is finally here.

Chapter 42 (28)

Rochelle: I hope I’ll never see you again.

Tenderloin: Likewise.

Fly Rochelle! Be free! I don’t hate you, you just pissed me off once you got to the big city.

Chapter 42 (29)

Astro: Well would you look at that… I hope I never have to go through that.

Chapter 42 (30)

I’ve missed these shots.

Chapter 42 (31)

Vic: Isn’t this a bit weird?

Tenderloin: The fact that I’m having we’re having a baby at the same time as my adult daughter?

Vic: No, I mean the vampire thing. I thought vampires couldn’t reproduce.

Tenderloin: Neither did I, but does it really matter?

Vic: Not really, no… I love you.

Tenderloin: Love you too.

Chapter 42 (32)

Astro: Guess what, dude? We’re gonna have a kidlet!

Bronson: Already?!

Chapter 42 (33)

Astro: Ain’t you happy?

Bronson: Of course I am! I just didn’t think it would go that quick.

Astro: With the power of pre-marital boot knocking!

Chapter 42 (34)

Astro: Don’t we have a gig soon?

Tenderloin: We do. I was just waiting for us to gather all together.

Chapter 42 (35)

Vic: Our first gig. I’m so happy! *sniff*

Bronson: For some reason I can’t stop making cute faces. :3

Chapter 42 (36)

Tenderloin: We’re here! We’re ready to rock the place upside down!

In the most dingy place they were allowed in. :P

Chapter 42 (37)

Some tuning of the instruments…

Chapter 42 (38)

… and the concert can begin.

Chapter 42 (39)

Vic: I want to experience that too. Where’s my man?

Chapter 42 (40)

Tenderloin: Sorry, gotta go do… something!

Vic: Oh shoot.

Chapter 42 (41)

Astro: You’re gonna drink?

Vic: Your dad just left, so yes.

Astro: My dude left too, save some for me!

Chapter 42 (42)

Astro: This is too sad for me. I want my dude to rub my sore back.

Vic: What is sad?

Chapter 42 (43)

Vic: This, is FUN!

That face!

Chapter 42 (44)

Vic: Glugg glugg glugg.

Chapter 42 (45)

Astro: I want what she’s having, boob maestro!

Chapter 42 (46)

Chapter 42 (47)

Dance! Into the fiya!

Chapter 42 (48)

Ffff…. Look! She made the goo-goo face! Aaww!

Chapter 42 (49)

Astro: Man, you are so cool.

Vic: I know, and thank you.

Chapter 42 (50)

Boob Maestro: Here are your drinks!

Astro: Thank you. Don’t know if I’ll be able to drink it all though…

Chapter 42 (51)

Vic: Whoa! There’s green slime creeping outta the wall!

Chapter 42 (52)

Astrotrain: Lemme try that.

Vic: *Poker face*

Chapter 42 (53)

Astro: Wee… Green slime…

Chapter 42 (54)

Astro: Piiiiiizaaaaaaaaaaa… :)

And, correct me if I’m wrong, that is Cyclonus’s bf over there wanting onion rings.

Romeo: I need one to propose.

Chapter 42 (55)

Vic: Um, what’s with the panicking?

Astro: Steppie, you’re in labor ya know…

Chapter 42 (56)

Vic: Why did you have to be correct?!

Chapter 42 (57)

Vic: Tenderloin! Assistance please!

Tenderloin: *Stares blankly into space*

Chapter 42 (58)

Vic: Thank you for noticing my distress.

Tenderloin: You’re welcome. :)

Chapter 42 (59)

And here’s where I end this chapter! Cruel, no? ;P

Next chapter will be in blue! But not until Saturday I think, ‘cause I’m going to Copenhagen tomorrow and it’s Midsummer Eve celebrations on Friday.

Until next time…

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