The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 43: Pink And Blue


C43 Title Card

Finally some blue… digging of the trash.

Last time; Astrotrain and Bronson married, joined the family band and were expecting a bun, as did Tenderloin and Victoria. The two forgotten clone-y kids moved out, as did ex-wife Rochelle. The band had their first gig just before Victoria went into labor.

Chapter 43 (1)

It’s a girl! Named Ham (thought it would be appropriate to continue with the meat theme) since she’s part of the side generation Pink. She’s a crazy person who prefers solitude, likes to eat goopy carbonara while listening to rockabilly in a room of turquoise. And she’s a Gemini.

Chapter 43 (2)

*Trying to remember why they have access to a limo…*

Chapter 43 (3)

Astro: Hahahaa! The cake’s on fire!

Chapter 43 (4)

Astro: Crepes! Why do I have to this?

Vampire Gnome: I vant to sööck your blöööd! *Hissss*

Chapter 43 (5)

A while later, the same day…

Chapter 43 (6)

Bronson: Oh crap! Oh crap! What do I do? What do I do?!

Astro: How about some help?!

Chapter 43 (7)

Bronson: Wow! This thing’s really cool!

Astro: This is not happening…

Chapter 43 (8)

Astro: … I’ll just do this myself then…

Chapter 43 (9)

Poof! Blue gen gets a boy in blue (and pink for the pink, lol) named Hepatica, after a purplish blue flower which is protected from picking in Sweden and is a typical flower for spring.

Painting-of-Victoria: I approve!

Chapter 43 (10)

Astro: Err… What was I supposed to do now?

Hepatica likes to practice the athletic art out in the great outdoors.

Chapter 43 (11)

Astro: Oh right! Growing up the kiddo!

Hepatica joins the Hot Dog Appreciation Club while he enjoys the music of pop and the colour of irish green.

Chapter 43 (12)

Ah, there’s the annoying cross-eyed-ness of Late Night.

Chapter 43 (13)

Here’s the other kiddo, Ham. She’s a vampire. But wait… Something’s wrong with this picture…

Chapter 43 (14)

There! Much better. Looks way brighter now. ‘Cept I forgot about the carpet.

Oh well, I take the recolouring in smaller steps.

Chapter 43 (15)

Bronson: Did we get a new bed?

Astro: Yeah, it’s grandpa’s old one. How about we break it in?

Bronson: A little creepy… but okay!

Chapter 43 (16)

Also, here’s Astro’s heir portrait makin’ the same pose as Steven did but with more awesome lighting.

Chapter 43 (17)

I also put some stairs in the house since the elevators have begun to go haywire from time to time.

Chapter 43 (18)

Close-up of Hepatica, who has most of his facial features (probably all) from mother dear and the hair of Bronson. He also has brown eyes, probably from Bronson’s respective family and I forgot to dye his tips blue.

Chapter 43 (19)

I felt some clutter in the form of shiny rocks was appropriate.

Chapter 43 (20)

Chapter 43 (21)

Chapter 43 (22)

Bronson is quick to smother his son with love.

Hepatica: Mmphh… Can’t… breathe…

Chapter 43 (23)

Astro: Get outta my way, supermodel! I’m a 3-star celebrity!

Chapter 43 (24)

Astro: Woo! Gimme your best, old guy!

Chapter 43 (25)

The usual meeting of the Hot Dog Appreciation Club.

Vic: I think there’s a spy among us. *Eyes empty plasma pack*

Chapter 43 (26)

Not long until the next blue baby comes along.

Chapter 43 (27)

Little piece of vampire meat, Ham, has a much better blend of her parents in her. Skin, eye shape, eye colour belongs to Tenderloin while the hair, ears, nose, mouth and jaw belongs to Victoria. And yes, I forgot to dye Ham’s hair too.

Chapter 43 (28)

Astro: Hey, dad, I’m preggers again!

Vic: I want another baby too!

Too bad! But Ham is awesome enough.

Chapter 43 (29)

Off to another gig they go!

Chapter 43 (30)

While the aunt and nephew get to read some toddler literature under the watch of a face-one babysitter.

Chapter 43 (31)

I gave Victoria a sweet bike, since she’s a Vehicle Enthusiast and all. I think she named it after a girl…

Chapter 43 (32)

Find the fault in this picture.

I got them a big mirror instead of the flatscreen because people on the GROUND FLOOR kept watching TV and waking them up.

Chapter 43 (33)

Time goes on… Gigs are done… No one is there to see it… Fitting thought bubble there, boob maestro.

Chapter 43 (34)

Suddenly! Astro visits some celebrity’s place.

Chapter 43 (35)

Well lookie here!

Rochelle: So I have a grandson now?

Astro: Yeah, Hepatica. I have a half-sister now too, Ham.

Chapter 43 (36)

Astro: You’re not bitter are you, mum?

Rochelle: I am.

Chapter 43 (37)

Rochelle: But never mind that for now, let me feel my new grandchild.

Chapter 43 (38)

Of course we can’t leave until we steal from her bathroom.

Chapter 43 (39)

Vic: Are things all right, Astro?

Astro: Nope. Just went into labor.

Chapter 43 (40)

Vic: Well don’t just stand here then, woman! Go to the hospital, dang it!

Bronson: Something wrong, star?

Astro: We need to get to the hospital, dude.

Chapter 43 (41)

After a brief visit, they bring home Mytilus, first part of the blue mussel’s latin name. Still going with the latin theme, yes.

Chapter 43 (42)

Not only was she born bald with the majority of Bronson’s facial features, she was born with music and art in her blood. Her music of preference is pop, the colour is, appropriately blue, and the food is lobster thermidor.

Also, notice Tenderloin’s ghost there (and by that I mean his faded body). :P

Until next time…

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    • Nah, perhaps I phrased it incorrectly, but when I was taking the picture I zoomed INSIDE of him. So I guess it’s more like his intestines or something. :P

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