The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 44: Cute Little Derp


C44 Title Card

Y u so kewl Victoria? But hey, new chapter!

Last time; The generation of blue began with Hepatica and Mytilus, and the bonus gen of pink with Ham did too. The family band kept playing at the same dingy place and the house brightened a bit in blue.

Chapter 44 (1)

Astro: How about some fun, dude? ;)

Chapter 44 (2)

Bronson: Sure. But I want to lead this time.

Chapter 44 (3)

Astro: Silly boy. Only I get to lead.

Bronson: My bum hurts…

This is basically their relationship in a nutshell.

Chapter 44 (4)


Oh, and despite the fact that vampires learn stuff much quicker than the regular sim, toddler training is just as slow before.

Chapter 44 (5)

Allow me to squee for a bit… That is such a cute derpy face I cannot believe it!


Chapter 44 (6)

Astro: Phone. Can you say that, dudette? Phone. That’s the thing that will haunt your screenshots forever and ever, if you become a heiress that is.

Chapter 44 (7)

Toddler training: Now syncable!

Also, note that little sister Mytilus is ahead of big brother Hepatica.

Chapter 44 (8)

Garbage: What you get when you have multiple celebrities in da house.

Well, that unique hot tub is pretty cool. (Guess which one it is ;P)

Chapter 44 (9)

Chalce’s Ghost: Whoa! Now I now what Kay was talking about!

Chapter 44 (10)

Chalce’s Ghost: This is the best thing ever!

Chapter 44 (11)

Yeehaw! Well, this is the last bun for this generation since I can’t fit more than eight people in the house. (Damn you restrictions!)

Chapter 44 (12)

Hey look! A vampire who isn’t a premade or a face one!

Chapter 44 (13)

Vampire named Cale: That’s gross man, I just burned myself in the sun the other day, no need to be a dick.

Tenderloin: No… It’s your sense of style… It hurts…

Chapter 44 (14)

Pregnancy: It doesn’t stop you from stealing in bathrooms.

And no, that’s not a filter. I think I took this shot through a window or something.

Chapter 44 (15)

Vic: I don’t think sleeping under the sun is good for you, love.

Chapter 44 (16)

Tenderloin: Oh no! What will the plants think of me? (My skin hurts…)

Chapter 44 (17)

Ham: When I grow up I’ll have a garden full of monkeys and grow meatballs in the bathroom.

Astro: Can I come and visit then?

Ham: Only if you bring lots of peanuts.

Chapter 44 (18)

Douche: The bald maid who keeps putting the books back into the bookshelves.

Chapter 44 (19)

Astro: I’m not feeling well, dad.

Tenderloin: Don’t worry, it’s just nerves.

Chapter 44 (20)

Astro: No, I mean I really don’t feel well…

Tenderloin: Yuck… well, get better soon.

Chapter 44 (21)

Astro: Hey grandpa! I thought you were supposed to work out.

Chalce’s Ghost: I’m dead, girl, I deserve some shuffleboard.

Chapter 44 (22)

Astro: Let’s take a break, dudette.

Mytilus: But I’m not tired mommy!

Astro: I know, but I just need a little break to…

Chapter 44 (23)

Astro: …give birth to your sibling! Ouch!

Chapter 44 (24)

Bronson: Oh sh-! Please don’t give birth in front of our daughter!

Astro: Well could you help me and get her outta here then?!

Chapter 44 (25)

Bronson: Nope. Gotta work now. Good luck. :3

Astro: Crepes! You’re gonna get it once I’m done with this!

Chapter 44 (26)

Douchy Bald Maid: Oh my goodness! The miracle of life!

Chapter 44 (27)

And then he goes out and comes back with another maid, wait what?

Douchy Bald Maid: I have to share this wonderful event with the world!

Chapter 44 (28)

At the main entrance, Balaenoptera is born. The first part of the latin name for the blue whale (musculus being the second part). Her traits are Easily Impressed and Insane, favourites are latin, fruit parfait and lilac.

Chapter 44 (29)

Of course with a new infant there has to be cake for growing up.

But wait- it’s not Bala’s turn first, instead it happens to be the eldest kiddies’ birthday.

Chapter 44 (30)

Ham, first born, except complaining about the broken dishwasher, becomes a girl humor cannot touch.

Ham: Broken dishwashers ain’t a laughing matter, my dear Watson.

Chapter 44 (31)

Hepatica, first yet second born, becomes a boy with a natural talent for computers.

Chapter 44 (32)

Ham: Is that a horse fly up there?!

Chapter 44 (33)

Ham: I will get you annoying creature!

Chapter 44 (34)

Ham: You put it there didn’t you?!

I love her.

Chapter 44 (35)

Hepatica is cute, but I often forget about him.

Hepatica: :) … :/ … :(

Chapter 44 (36)

This is his part of the room he shares with his aunt.

Chapter 44 (37)

Here’s the blue whale herself, a carbon copy clone of her father. Does that mean she’s automatically excluded? Insane sims are always awesome, but it’s too early to decide.

Chapter 44 (38)

Here’s Ham’s part of the room she shares with her nephew.

Chapter 44 (39)

Vic: I think I just got some wrinkles.

You just had your adult birthday, yay!

Until next time…

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