Golden Results


Here’s some useless breeding results for ya!

  • Getting male chocobos was no problem at all, the three first I caught were Good (Lewis) and Great (Roger & Nigel).
  • After more attempts I caught some females too, Great (Susie) and Good (Nathan & Alice).
  • Released Roger and Nathan.
  • Raced the remaining four to B rank, an easy feat once you feed the birds with Sylkis Greens (cloned ’em with the W-item trick, ’cause I’m cheap like that).
  • Lewis and Susie bred forth the Green chocobo Alfred, Nathan and Alice bred (after some resetting) forth the Blue chocobo Carmen.
  • Some racing, and fighting, both S rank Blue & Green birds bred forth Black Walter. At first he was a female named Edith, but my new graphic card has taken a liking to crashing while playing epsxe.
  • Went out to catch some wonderful chocobos, Dave and Petra.
  • Back at the ranch I released Dave and Susie, to make room for the last one.
  • Two A rank birds, Walter and Petra, bred forth the Gold Noah.

So now I could go and get Knights of the Round, Mime and HP<->MP materia from their respective caves.

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