The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 45: Insane


C45 Title Card

Tenderloin gets the cover! … Because he’s awesome I guess.

Last time; Balaenoptera, the blue whale, was born, the first born kids became children and Mytilus was being cute.

Chapter 45 (1)

Pollen: Hey, sonny. How about an autograph for your old grandma, now that you’re famous and all?

Chapter 45 (2)

Tenderloin: Awright. *punctures paper with pen*

Chapter 45 (3)

Pollen: Uuhh… Thanks a lot, boy!

Chapter 45 (4)

Tenderloin: You’re welc- Did I just sign an autograph for a ghost? Eww!

Chapter 45 (5)

Bala & Astro: All the broken technology in this house is outrageous.

Chapter 45 (6)

Vic: I’m on it… Sigh. *grumble*

Chapter 45 (7)

The little garden has come along quite well.

Chapter 45 (8)

Hepatica: Hey Ham. I’m almost done with my homework. You need some help with yours?

Ham: Pfft. I was done ages ago, man. I’ll be fishin’ in the pool.

Chapter 45 (9)

Ham: Bye daddy! Have fun with whatever you’re supposed to do!

Hepatica: Can I fish too, Ham?

Ham: Yeah. Just don’t bring any people. Or jokes. I don’t like any of that.

Hepatica: Okidoki.

Chapter 45 (10)

Hepatica: … The laptop is heating up too quickly. I might get a stationary one, once I get my own money of course.

Chapter 45 (11)

Ham: When I get my own money, I’ll host parties with myself and me as guests. No offense, man.

Chapter 45 (12)

Deformed Bala: What floor, mrs?

Vic: Bottom, please.

Deformed Bala: Will do.

Not these freaks again. *Shiver*

Chapter 45 (13)

Uhm… Pancakes!

Chapter 45 (14)

Yay! Plasma fruit. Finally I can be more organic and stay away from the juice boxes!

‘Cept the plants themselves suck since they don’t generate many fruits before they decide to die.

Chapter 45 (15)

The band has upgraded their location. About dang time.

Chapter 45 (16)

Ham: This thingie inspires me…

Chapter 45 (17)

Ham: … to start inventing thingies on my own.

Chapter 45 (18)

Ham: Eep!

Chapter 45 (19)

Ham: Oh save me pool!

Chapter 45 (20)

Ham: Blub blub blub…

Can vampires swim? I know zombies can’t…

Chapter 45 (21)

Astro: Finally! I can steal mom’s toilet.

Chapter 45 (22)

Tenderloin: Ham, you can eat regular food. You’re not a full-fledged vampire yet. Want me to make your favourite food?

Ham: Nah, I might as well start getting used to this plasma stuff. But thanks for the offer.

Chapter 45 (23)

Yay for birthdays!

Chapter 45 (24)

Mytilus: Um, mom? Grandpa? My birthday… Hello?

Chapter 45 (25)

Mytilus: Oh well… TV never leaves me.

She rolled Couch Potato.

Chapter 45 (26)

She begins to exercise the only skill she can do anything with, painting. While listening to TV.

Sounds like me!

Chapter 45 (27)

Picture to remind me how my sims progress in their careers because I rarely take note of it while playing.

Bronson: I look cute, even with my crazy hat-sideburns.

Chapter 45 (28)

Sofia: Why is everything in this house broken?! Aaaahhh!!

Chapter 45 (29)

Sofia: I’ll just go nap in my great-something-grandchild’s bed.

Chapter 45 (30)

Mytilus: What’s that Mr. Greenshirt, a ghost in your bed? … Well, call the Ghostbusters then.

Chapter 45 (31)

Still going strong.

Chapter 45 (32)

Inventions by Ham in this chapter: 1

Chapter 45 (33)

Ham: Rusty pipe? Does not belong with my inventions!

Chapter 45 (34)

Baked Angel Food Cake. I’m pretty sure Tenderloin made it, but I’m not 100% sure.

Chapter 45 (35)

Inventions by Ham in this chapter: 2

Chapter 45 (36)

Inventions by Ham in this chapter: 3

Chapter 45 (37)

Inventions by Ham in this chapter: BOOM!

Chapter 45 (38)

Ham: Why do I keep exploding?! Grrr!

Chapter 45 (39)

This is where I got fed up with the now-glitchy elevators and put some stairs there instead.

Chapter 45 (40)


Chapter 45 (41)

Astro: Don’t listen to her, blue whale, she’s just over-exaggerating.

Chapter 45 (42)

Later that day…

Bronson: Balaenoptera is quite loud today, star.

Astro: I guess the young dudette wasn’t lying.

Bronson: Grow her up with the cake back there?

Astro: Agreed.

Chapter 45 (43)

Bala: I rolled Disciplined. So what?

No comment.


Chapter 45 (44)

Chapter 45 (45)

Chapter 45 (46)

Chapter 45 (47)

Bala: Are you done yet?


Chapter 45 (48)

How come this haircut has become so popular among spares leaving my household?

Chapter 45 (49)

First up for another birthday, is Ham.

Ham: I wish for more awesome traits.

Chapter 45 (50)

Ham: Whoa, man! You should do something about that poisonous green gas around you!

Chapter 45 (51)

Chapter 45 (52)

Chapter 45 (53)

Chapter 45 (54)

Chapter 45 (55)

Chapter 45 (56)

Ham: I hope you granted my wish, game.

Indeed, Mooch is the one she got.

Chapter 45 (57)

Next up, with some creepy lights, is Hepatica.

Chapter 45 (58)

Hepatica: Woo! Paaartaay!

He rolled Party Animal. And let’s stop here.

Until next time…

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