The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 47: Pizza


C47 Title Card

It’s been a while since I ate some pizza myself. My fave is beef tenderloin, béarnaise sauce, agaricus bisporus, and the self-explanatory cheese and tomato sauce.

Last time; A slight remodel of the house, Bronson and Astrotrain became adults, Mytilus became a teenager and Ham was too cool for school (bus).

Chapter 47 (1)

A black goldfish Ham caught. In the pool. I don’t even…

Chapter 47 (2)

Tenderloin: I think I’d like another child. But a son this time.

No way, José!

Chapter 47 (3)

Tenderloin: Hello, non-existent boss of mine. I’d like to quit my job.

Chapter 47 (4)

Tenderloin: Well, now that I have dramatically extended my lifespan with the power of vampirism, I want to try my hands at other things, ya get me?

Chapter 47 (5)

Cop cars! One is Bronson’s and the other belonged to the long dead Shark.

Chapter 47 (6)

Tenderloin: Oh, bother. How long can it take to steal three things. *Yawn*

Chapter 47 (7)

Well, ovens tend to be quite heavy. But then again, why question the logic where you can have unlimited amounts of fish in your pocket.

Chapter 47 (8)

Ham: Ouch, this is getting old…

Chapter 47 (9)

Hey there, Mytilus. That painting is looking a bit too bright, don’t ya think?

Mytilus: It’s meant to be this way, I’m breaking boundaries.

Sigh, if I had the awesome painting mod I wouldn’t get these “personal effects”.

Chapter 47 (10)

Another skill unintentionally maxed. I wonder if mods might fix that later.

Chapter 47 (11)

Chapter 47 (12)

Chapter 47 (13)

Chapter 47 (14)

Chapter 47 (15)

Chapter 47 (16)

Clearly she inherited her mixology skills from her mother, or it’s just because she’s a vampire.

Chapter 47 (17)

Ham: Man, after all that drink testing I need a seriously strong cup of coffee to kill the spinning and the visions.

Astro: Amen to that, sis.

Chapter 47 (18)

Ham: Hey yo! Tubby face one! You can’t deny me drinks! I’m a teenage celebrity vampire!

Chapter 47 (19)

Ham: Hey man, can you buy me some drinks? The badly dressed bartender won’t serve me.

Matthew: *thinking* Now that is something I’d like to tap (dry of blood).

Reason number 56 of why I want mods: Adults fornicating with teenagers.

Chapter 47 (20)

Forgotten caption number 361.

Chapter 47 (21)

I got a nice Fast Lane car for dear Ham, ‘cause she deserves it.

Chapter 47 (22)

Elvira: Pfft, amateur.

Fun fact: Renee (Bronson’s mother) is not a vampire at the beginning of the game. Elvira has been for a long time.

Chapter 47 (23)

Welcome to the brain game of the week! This time, count the decapitated people in the frame!

Chapter 47 (24)

Oh, and Bala’s birthday.

Bala: No worries, sir, I’m friendlier now.

Chapter 47 (25)

Since Jupiter, the boy who I thought was a girl, is a spouse option I thought he deserved something to distinguish him from the rest.

Chapter 47 (26)

Turns out, he has blue hair! xD But I barely gave a damn with his makeover, might as well give him a better one if he joins the household later on.

Chapter 47 (27)

Bala: Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! That guy has blue hair!

Chapter 47 (28)

Bala: How about you and me become BFFs?

Chapter 47 (29)

Bala: But you don’t have to move in right now, because I’m not queen of the house yet.

Chapter 47 (30)

The first girl I’ve seen who can rock the jacket.

Chapter 47 (31)

Inventions made by Ham that I have screenshots of: 4

Chapter 47 (32)

Where’s Balaenoptera?

Chapter 47 (33)

Ham: Chaaaaaarge!!!

Chapter 47 (34)

Chapter 47 (35)

Ham: Whoa! Goodness gracious!

Chapter 47 (36)

Ham: Wee! I wanna go again!

Chapter 47 (37)

Bronson: Little whale, I know you look exactly like me. And therefore you are my personal favourite for heiress.

Chapter 47 (38)

Mytilus: I heard that, father.

Astro: We will talk about this later, police dude.

Bala: Cool, dad. Now let’s talk disco!

Chapter 47 (39)

Chapter 47 (40)

Chapter 47 (41)

Chapter 47 (42)

Chapter 47 (43)

Bronson: I love you whale, despite your apparent insanity.

Chapter 47 (44)

Bala: Love you too daddy. *crosses eyes*

Chapter 47 (45)

Chapter 47 (46)

Chapter 47 (47)

Chapter 47 (48)

Chapter 47 (49)

Ham: Yaaaaaaawn… Maybe I shouldn’t time travel on school nights.

Chapter 47 (50)

Bronson: I can has hug?

Chapter 47 (51)

Astro: I can’t be mad at you, my dude.

Chapter 47 (52)

At rehearsal…

Vic: Let’s rock and roooll!

Tenderloin: Take it easy, babe.

Chapter 47 (53)

Vic: Fine. Then I’ll just go to work. As a mayor… or something.

Chapter 47 (54)

Mytilus: Why do I have to keep up with this torture?

Chapter 47 (55)

Mytilus: Music. Is what calms my soul.

Chapter 47 (56)

Remember Rochelle? Every time Astro comes over to steal from her place, she’s always glued to the shuffle board.

Chapter 47 (57)

Astro: I worry for dear mother bitch.

In the next chapter… young adults! So until next time…

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