The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 48: Spotlight


C48 Title Card

Mytilus: Could you stop that, uncle? I can’t concentrate.

Last time; Balaenoptera became a teenager, Ham traveled in time and maxed some skills, and things kept up like normal.

Chapter 48 (1)

The band keeps gigging, leaving the kiddies alone to…

Chapter 48 (2)

…grow up.

Chapter 48 (3)

Hepatica grows up first, despite the fact that Ham is the elder. I guess I forgot.

Chapter 48 (4)

Vic: You don’t look well, Astro.

Chapter 48 (5)

Astro: I think drinking between gigs ain’t such a great idea.

Ew, right on her shoe too. D:

Chapter 48 (6)

Ham: Yay! Now I can suck blood!

Chapter 48 (7)

Chapter 48 (8)

Chapter 48 (9)

Some red sparkles and bats later…

Ham: I don’t get to keep at least one bat? Lame.

Chapter 48 (10)

It seems the band has been upgraded in terms of gig locations.

Chapter 48 (11)

Ham: Lo and behold, sis. I’m more badass than you.

So bad ass that…

Ham Card

She stays with the family. Permanently.

She rolled Kleptomaniac as her last trait, and wants to become the most rich and famous girl there are.

Well, the rich part is already taken care of…

Chapter 48 (12)

Bronson: I see you’ve grown up into something fine

Chapter 48 (13)

Ham: Ya. I know that-…

Chapter 48 (14)

Ham: Wait! You’re my sister’s man. This is not cool.

And they never flirted again. Phew.

Chapter 48 (15)

Bala: Hey blue hair man, what’s your name, get your behind over here! Pleeeease.

Chapter 48 (16)

Hepatica: Bye grandpa. I’ll be moving out now.

Tenderloin: Good luck, sonny.

Talk about forgotten child, I feel bad. But his last trait was Mean Spirited. I’ll put him up for download.

Chapter 48 (17)

Astro: Okay… That’s one kiddo out and now there’s 3 left, but sis is gonna stay until way after my death so that makes us… how many in the house?

Chapter 48 (18)

Meanwhile, at some party… Ham is stealing sinks and mirrors. That’s Astro’s job! Quit it!

Chapter 48 (19)

But that is quickly interrupted when some random old, fat face one decides to die. FFFUUU…

Chapter 48 (20)

But who is this?!

Chapter 48 (21)

Ham: Who interrupts my stealing of toilet paper?!

Chapter 48 (22)

Ham: Oh, a someone is dying. *thinking* Must. Act. Sad.

Chapter 48 (23)

Ham: So… what’s your name?

Chapter 48 (24)

Death: Boo for you Tenderloin! You were supposed to die ages ago! >:(

Chapter 48 (25)

Ham: *Uses vampire power to read mind* His name is just as stupid as his everyday outfit.

Chapter 48 (26)

Ham: *Uses mind power* Your new name is Chester Schuyler, and you will be mine. Hee hee hee.

His actual name is Lil Bling (what the eff?). I don’t change his name until later, but that’s what I’ll refer him to from now on.

Chapter 48 (27)

Astro: Death.

Death: Astrotrain.

Old lady: Oh, fat old dead face one, I miss you so.

Bala: I’m getting outta here, before the collective tears from heartbroken people will drown me.

Chapter 48 (28)

Death: I have a proposition for you, give me what I want, and you’ll live longer than you are written in time to be.

Astro: What’s the job?

Death: I want… your autograph!

Dun dun duuun!!

Old lady: The grief. It’s killing me.

Chapter 48 (29)

Death: Squee!

Old lady: Oh hey there girlfriend. Wazzup?

Chapter 48 (30)

Ham: So, Chester…

Chester: That’s not my name-

Ham: YES IT IS! … Are you single? Because I want to reserve you.

Death: And now, you have to take me to the movies.

Chapter 48 (31)

Ham: Don’t tell me you’re the type of person who likes “your mom” jokes.

Chester: In fact I do. They are awesome. It’s just you who is devoid of humor.

Astro: Silly Death, it was one thing you said. Now make me live longer!

Old lady: I hop that other old man don’t die too. I can’t bear to have my heart crushed twice in one night.

Chapter 48 (32)

Ham & Chester: >:(

Death: Foolish girl! If you don’t comply then I’ll do to you as I did to a fish in a net one day!

Old lady: *Cries*

Chapter 48 (33)

Death: I plucked it’s eyes out with my good thumb!

Astro: :O

Mytilus: This is almost better than TV. Almost.

Old lady: :(

Chapter 48 (34)

Death: Blaaaargh!!

Astro: Alright alright! Gee, Death. Tomorrow at seven.

Death: Wise choice.

Old lady: *Cries, again*

Chapter 48 (35)

Ham: Yay! We have compatible traits! It means we are soul mates!

Death: *Has disappeared*

Astro: What an ass.

Old lady: Aaaahh! I can’t take this anymore!

Chapter 48 (36)

Ham: How about we have some fun, ey?

Chapter 48 (37)

Chester: *Blushes* There’s a girl in the room, if you didn’t notice.

Chapter 48 (38)

Ham: No worries, she’ll go as soon as we kiss.

Chapter 48 (39)

Chapter 48 (40)

Mytilus: Yuck! I’m getting outta here before it gets steamy!

Ham: Told ya. Now how about we woohoo?

Chapter 48 (41)

And apparently, he wasn’t in the mood. So…

Walk of shame it is!

The next morning, along with some beautiful scenery.

Chapter 48 (43)

Chapter 48 (44)

Chapter 48 (45)

Chapter 48 (46)

Chapter 48 (47)

Another try…

Chapter 48 (48)

… fails.

Chapter 48 (49)

Ham: Why man?

Chester: I just don’t feel like it. And besides, this isn’t even my bed.

Chapter 48 (50)

So, another 2 sim hours of the walk of shame. Poor girl.

Chapter 48 (51)

Vic: Why do I care about someone I don’t know’s death? WHY?!

Chapter 48 (52)

Ham: Maybe I can dig myself a hole to hide in with this.

Until next time… Ham is up for download.

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