The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 49: Upgrade


C49 Title Card

Hip-hop gnome. Because I’m fond of the Yo Dawg meme. Also, slightly spoilery title card.

Last time; the eldest kiddies grew up, one of them moved out and remained forgotten – the other was Ham (who got to stay… FOR EVAH!). At a party where an old guy died Ham found love but got *insert female equivalent of cock-block here*. Death was being a weirdo to Astrotrain.

Chapter 49 (1)

Oh hai Bronson! Are you on the top of your career yet?

Bronson: Nearly. Just one more promotion.

Sweet. He look mighty fine in that suit.

Chapter 49 (2)

Ham: Yay! We get to move! :D

Tenderloin: I wish she’d stop mind reading so often…

So here’s the story of this move!

I moved them into a big apartment, because apartments are fun! Although it didn’t suit me or the family so I moved them to another house just a few days later. But this is basically what went down.

Chapter 49 (3)

Chester got to happy walk.

Chapter 49 (4)

People were sleeping in the wrong beds.

Chapter 49 (5)

And the paparazzi could just walk into the apartment freely. JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN’T REMOVE THE ONE ARCH THAT ENABLED THIS ATROCITY.

Chapter 49 (6)

Mytilus: Waa… I don’t wanna move in the middle of the night.

Well shut it, because you have to! Besides, the new place has…

Chapter 49 (7)

Ham, Victoria, Tenderloin: POOOOOL!! :D

Mytilus: I suppose that is convincing enough… *shifts nervously*

Note the gate to keep the paparazzi out.

Chapter 49 (8)

Quickie house tour! First floor.

Chapter 49 (9)

Ground floor. This is before I discovered the awesome buydebug lights.

Chapter 49 (10)

Parking lot. Why didn’t I take a picture of the pool?

Chapter 49 (11)

Wait, what?! You’re already donning the grey hair and wrinkles?!

Chapter 49 (12)

Vic: Noooooo!! Now you’re making it sound bad! I want to be young again! D:

Chapter 49 (13)

Aw, but doesn’t she look adorable? :3

Chapter 49 (14)

Reason number 32 why vampires are bad for gardening: You can never have them garden under sun protection.

But then again, how are plants supposed to grow without sunlight?

BUT THEN AGAIN, how can she burn while under there?

Oh, never mind.

Chapter 49 (15)

Victoria’s half-descent makeover, just because I wanted someone to wear knee-high boots.

Chapter 49 (16)

Her husband on the other hand, will remain young and handsome for a while more.

Chapter 49 (17)

In her twilight years, she becomes glued to the instrument corner.

Chapter 49 (18)

Astro: Store-dudette! Got anything fun today?

Chapter 49 (19)

A book on Martial Arts.

Chapter 49 (20)

And now she has her first belt. Has to be a good book then.

Chapter 49 (21)

The little balcony, where I put some of my shinies. :3

Chapter 49 (22)

Vic: You’re doing this on purpose aren’t you?

Ma~ybe? ;)

Chapter 49 (23)

A piece of heightened bathtub. I don’t know the correct term! But I do know that it looks awesome.

Chapter 49 (24)

Ham: Just sittin’ here. In the new kitchen. Drinkin’ coffee.

I wonder if there’s a mod for replacing the mugs.

Chapter 49 (25)

Astro: Dude! How come you get those nice muscles?! Rippling.. hot… musculature- I mean it’s not fair at all, dude!

Chapter 49 (26)

Bronson: Calm down, star. If you want muscles too, then I’d gladly help you.

Chapter 49 (27)

Astro: You do?! Oh, well thank you…

Complaints: Appreciated when married.

Chapter 49 (28)

Ham: I noticed recently you have a brain, but you can’t have one if you’re dressed like that!

Chapter 49 (29)

Chester: Um, thanks?

Chapter 49 (30)

Ham: Don’t worry, I’ll fix this. Just hurry up before I burn to ashes.

Chapter 49 (31)

Haha, turns out Chester is a ginger. But yeah, I’m proud of his makeover.

Chapter 49 (32)

Ham: Your new style turns me on, man. How’d you like some smoochin’?

Chester: I’d love that.

Chapter 49 (33)


Chapter 49 (34)

Mytilus: Hey sis…

Bala: Wazzup, sis?

Mytilus: The house seems very silent tonight?

Bala: The old folks are gigging again.

Mytilus: It’s my birthday today, yet here I am doing homework?

Bala: Can I grow up with you, sis?

Mytilus: Alright.

Chapter 49 (35)

Gigging. With effects this time!

Chapter 49 (36)

Eldest first up.

Chapter 49 (37)

Mytilus: I gain the power of a person who prefers her own company, a.k.a. Loner!

Chapter 49 (38)

Second, the much younger but ready to grow up.

Chapter 49 (39)

Bala: I gain the power of a person who likes adventuring, a.k.a. Adventurous!

Chapter 49 (40)

Mytilus: Congrats, sis. Obviously it’s your insane-y-ness which will make you the heiress.

Ham: >:(

Chapter 49 (41)

Bala: That’s where you are wrong, sis. The Overseer picked you, despite the fact you stated just now.

Mytilus: U serious?! O_O

Chapter 49 (42)

Yes, in fact. She wasn’t on my heiress radar until just recently.

Mytilus Card

I picked the max 3 skills LTW for her, she’ll be a stay-at-home mum painter.

Chapter 49 (43)

Mytilus: What do you mean, rubbish?! I’m the bloody heiress, show respect sir!

Chapter 49 (44)

Mytilus: I’ll be the only painter you’ll ever need, sir. Why? I have the Artistic trait!

And that’s how she became a self-employed painter.

Chapter 49 (45)

Bala, the spare, I picked the Physical Perfection LTW for (max martial arts & athletic).

Chapter 49 (46)

Mytilus: Oh lord! Is Cale coming to visit?

Chapter 49 (47)

Air guitaring: Only seen from the second floor.

Chapter 49 (48)

Chester: I sense… I sense… I sense I need to use the restroom.

Chapter 49 (49)

Bala: Ya man, I’m free. We can paint our toenails blue!

Chapter 49 (50)

And so the blue whale moves out, with a smile on her face.

Until next time…

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