The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 50: Unity


C50 Title Card

Ham: Oh yeah! Why didn’t I try this earlier?

Oh like you need it…

Last time; the family moved twice, Mytilus was named heiress, Victoria became an old witch, and non-heiress Balaenoptera moved out.

Chapter 50 (1)

Tenderloin: C’mon pick up. Pick up damn you!

Chapter 50 (2)

Tenderloin: Cale, why are you so dang slow? … I know you’re already here. I can see you through the door windows! And how are you speaking to me when you aren’t using your phone?!

Chapter 50 (3)

Tenderloin: You look a little hungry, Cale. How about you eat something first?

Chapter 50 (4)

Cale: Okay. Nom nom.

Chapter 50 (5)

Tenderloin: Anyway, what I wanted to ask was… Would you like to move with us?

Cale: What does it include?

Tenderloin: Just marrying my granddaughter and having at least two kids.

Cale: Sounds easy enough. Okay!

Chapter 50 (6)

Ugh, wait, stop! I apologize for the eye-sore, I just gotta fix this…

Chapter 50 (7)

Okay, so I deleted the current Cale because of his chin glitch that kept pissing me off. The new Cale is thinner, his chin is fixed… and that’s it.

Chapter 50 (8)

Well, he’s not a vampire anymore and he has no family tree.

Cale: You killed my family! >:(

Not really, they are still around, you just aren’t connected to them.

Cale Card

He really has a fun mix of traits, slob especially. I love slobs, they don’t whine about a dirty place and they can eat rotten food!

Chapter 50 (9)

Cale: So, I’ve gotten a job. Now I only need to charm the single lady.

Chapter 50 (10)

Despite carrying the Schlick name and eyes, Cale is mainly a Slayer.

Chapter 50 (11)

Mytilus: I was told you’d be arriving on a unicorn. I am disappointed.

Cale: *Looks like he’s been slapped on the forehead*

Chapter 50 (12)

Mytilus: But that’s okay, Cale. We don’t even have horses yet.

Chapter 50 (13)

Cale: Have a hug, darling.

Chapter 50 (14)

Mytilus: Yay, for hugs.

Chapter 50 (15)

Mytilus: But I’m not your darling-…

Astro: Don’t make this difficult, dudette.

Mytilus: … yet. Well, thank you mother!

Chapter 50 (16)

Portrait wall, with a snarky painting of the newest heiress.

Chapter 50 (17)

Nice table cloth shirt there, Bronson. Top your career yet?

Bronson: That’s right. Now I can dedicate my life to the band.

Like every other adult who’s not of blue, glues their body to the instruments. Saves me the effort of looking after them!

Chapter 50 (18)

Enjoy this little long montage, because this is the only time romantic interactions are important and will be scarce later.

Also, I’m being a tad lazy and need to raise my blood sugar.

Chapter 50 (19)

Chapter 50 (20)

Chapter 50 (21)

Chapter 50 (22)

Chapter 50 (23)

Stop being creepy, Victoria.

Chapter 50 (24)

Chapter 50 (25)

Vic: I am not creeping, I’m listening to the great music.

Chapter 50 (26)

Vic: Just standing here… Tapping my foot…

Chapter 50 (27)

Chapter 50 (28)

Chapter 50 (29)

Ham: The love… Gives me the power to rock! *maybe insert a song of rock & love here*

Chapter 50 (30)

Chapter 50 (31)

Chapter 50 (32)

Chapter 50 (33)


Bronson: *peeps creepily*

Chapter 50 (34)

Chapter 50 (35)

Victoria: *Still creeping listening to the music*

Chapter 50 (36)

Chapter 50 (37)

And so the mussel and the former vampire is united by invisible rings.

Chapter 50 (38)

Here’s their bedroom.

Chapter 50 (39)

Here’s the couple.

Chapter 50 (40)

Here are- okay I’ll just go now.

Chapter 50 (41)

Whoa! That was quick.

Chapter 50 (42)

Cale: What the heck is this garbage? I thought the rings would be invisible. >:(

Chapter 50 (43)

Tenderloin: So I heard you got married just recently Cale. Congratulations!

Cale: Thanks.

Chapter 50 (44)

Tenderloin: Now if I only could remember who you married…

Cale: Your granddaughter, Mytilus.

Chapter 50 (45)

Tenderloin: Was it Bala? Or was it Ham? No wait, she has a ginger boy. Maybe it was Hepatica… no he’s a man, despite the girly name. I know! You married my ex-wife! Wait, isn’t she dead yet?

Actually, no.

Cale: What did I agree to?

Chapter 50 (46)

Bronson: Aw, look at my little girl who’s already gotten married!

Chapter 50 (47)

Bronson: And I will soon enter my twilight years… The other agents will force me to retire. My hair will turn white.

Chapter 50 (48)

Bronson: Well… At least I can snuggle some grandkids soon.


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