The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 52: Career Changes


C52 Title Card

Can you tell I’m running out of ideas for chapter titles? Maybe I should just put random shit for a title, that would be interesting…

Last time; the turquoise generation debuted with Grænblár (who was born a vampire because Cale became a vampire for a day. WTF?), the ghosts were pretty active, Mytilus was being cute as always and the vampirella gnomes were multiplying at an alarming rate (where do they come from?).

Chapter 52 (1)

Cale: Go to sleep now, son, so I can kiss your mum.

Chapter 52 (2)

And so they did.

Chapter 52 (3)

The results of the photo session are in!

Chapter 52 (4)

Including a painting of Cale.

Chapter 52 (5)

Vic: You gotta be serious, man. That really can’t be…

Chapter 52 (6)

But yes, that is your limo. Nothing is better for a Leader of the Free World. (Another LTW completed)

Chapter 52 (7)

Bronson manages to look cute, again.

Chapter 52 (8)

Mytilus: Ghosts. You better get used to them. They are everywhere

Chapter 52 (9)

At… some bar… the bartender woman dies.

Tenderloin: Now who’s gonna serve us drinks? :(

Chapter 52 (10)

But it didn’t stop the performance, although they couldn’t get paid, therefore the gig didn’t count.

Chapter 52 (11)

Cale’s mother! Has awesome leggings.

Chapter 52 (12)

Vic: I think it’s time I retired, you can take over from me…. Goodbye…

Chapter 52 (13)

Chapter 52 (14)

Another shot ruined by badly rendered houses in the distance.

Chapter 52 (15)

One of the rooms I spent the most time on. And it’s one of the rooms you spend the least time in.

But I’m dang proud of it!

Chapter 52 (16)

Grænblár: Mommy! :D

Mytilus: Good morning, Grænblár. Time to train the skills of life. But breakfast gotta come first…

Chapter 52 (17)

Waiting for the kid to finish breakfast…

Mytilus: The children. They’ll haunt me. Forever and ever…

And most of them are dead!

Chapter 52 (18)

Astro: Curious question, dudette. What do ya think of the band’s tunes?

Chapter 52 (19)

Mytilus: Uuhhh… I have to be honest mother. My toddler son’s screams are more pleasant to listen to than your music…

Chapter 52 (20)

Astro: :(

Person person plus anyway.

Chapter 52 (21)

Astro: Our dudette daughter just told me the band sucks. I need a hug. Stat.

Chapter 52 (22)

Two for one hug & kiss!

Chapter 52 (23)

Astro: Thanks. And how the crepes do you get those muscles from a tread mill? Oh, and you need a serious shower.

Chapter 52 (24)

Astro: We gotta practice step-ma! The mussel told us we suck!

Vic: We’ll show her!

Chapter 52 (25)

Okay.. What’s with the crying?

Never mind.

Chapter 52 (26)

On to something else… Mytilus’s formal wear!

Chapter 52 (27)

And Cale’s too! Because I didn’t bother with them getting married in their formal wear.

Chapter 52 (28)

Bronson: Eep! Was that what I thought it was?!

Chapter 52 (29)

Bronson: Gotta look again, gotta be sure…

Chapter 52 (30)

Proof that these two still love each other. They roll wants for each other pretty much every day.

Chapter 52 (31)

Bronson: Yep, it’s the star I discovered alright!

Chapter 52 (32)

Who is haunting?

Chapter 52 (33)

Iiii~t’s Pollen’s husband, Shark!

Chapter 52 (34)

Who promptly goes to sleep in Grænblár’s future bed.

Chapter 52 (35)

Just a picture…. Of Tenderloin maxing charisma.

Chapter 52 (36)

Ham has nothing to do, so I set her up in the athletic career.

Chapter 52 (37)

Her father, Tenderloin, has joined the film career to become an actor.

Chapter 52 (38)

Remember her LTW? It’s to master 3 skills. The one she’s earning points in now is one of them, painting and piano are the other two.

Chapter 52 (39)

Cale, the ex-vampire, has either climbed the journalism ladder or started the PI career. I can’t remember, but I think the answer is the former.

Chapter 52 (40)

Chapter 52 (41)

Fun fact: They can’t woohoo in her room ‘cause the bed is pushed into the wall.

Chapter 52 (42)

Bronson grows up, at some party, because I forgot about it.

Chapter 52 (43)

Bonus points for growing up in founder clothing!

Chapter 52 (44)

Ham: :D ?

Chapter 52 (45)

So we’re back to this are we?

Chapter 52 (46)

Bronson, still looking super cute in his elder makeover.

Chapter 52 (47)

Speaking of makeovers…

Chapter 52 (48)

Steven: Pollen.

Pollen: Dad, can you move, please. It’s my turn to sleep on the bed.

Chapter 52 (49)

Here’s a birthday I don’t forget!

Chapter 52 (50)

The elder stage doesn’t have the original pants, but this is good enough.

Chapter 52 (53)

Three swinging generations, two paparazzi and one vampire.

Chapter 52 (54)

Grænblár: Grampa, how come I don’t scorch in the sun?

Bronson: You had your mother put on all that sunblock, remember?

Grænblár: Oh yeah… Forgot about that…

Chapter 52 (55)

Why is the household all clumped together?

Chapter 52 (56)

Chapter 52 (57)

Chapter 52 (58)

Is it because Grænblár needed a better room?

Chapter 52 (59)

Nope, the family moved towns, again (get used to that, people). Can you guess where?

The answer will be revealed, in the next chapter…

Next chapter

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