The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 53: Downpour


C53 Title Card

The annoyance when your wife’s step-grandma is hogging the only stove. I just came to a realization, I should make a kitchen with two stoves in the next sim legacy.

Last time; Victoria retired from her political job, Ham joined the athletic career, Tenderloin joined the film career, Bronson and Astrotrain grew old, and the family moved town somewhere.

Chapter 53 (1)

After placing the graves in the new graveyard, Bronson takes the opportunity to clap in confetti a.k.a. retire.

Chapter 53 (2)

Why, if it isn’t Jet Chimeree? From the awesome Chim-Chim-Cheree Rainbow Legacy, by Mariah, the major inspiration for the legacy you are reading right now!

I put in all the hetero Chimerees in town for some nice genetics, would’ve put in all but like I mentioned I don’t have neither mods nor cc in this legacy. That’s also why Jet doesn’t look as good as she did in her legacy.

If you squint you can see Cornflower and Mortimer (yes, the Goth) in there.

Chapter 53 (3)

Of course I put in Chester, just to keep Ham company.

Also, if you haven’t guessed it yet by this background, we’re in Twinbrook (again)!

Chapter 53 (4)

Apparently, Twinbrook’s swampy air makes your bone brittle.

Chapter 53 (5)

Ham: Eeeee! This is gonna be awesome!

Chapter 53 (6)


Chapter 53 (7)

Ham: That’s it? >:(

Chapter 53 (8)

Marc Brandt: Raaahh! Stop this right n-!

Chapter 53 (9)


Chapter 53 (10)

Ham: *cough*

Chapter 53 (11)

Ham: Glorious…

Chapter 53 (12)

On the first day in the new town, Tenderloin immediately faints from sunburn. Oops.

Old lady Pidgin: Don’t sleep in the park young man! Think of the children!

Lavender Chimeree & Oliver Greenwood: *takes pictures to put on fail blog*

Chapter 53 (13)

Tenderloin: Cale, have you noticed all the glowy greenery since we moved? I think we might get radiation sickness!

Chapter 53 (14)

Cale: Maybe so, but at least we have the biggest TV ever!

Tenderloin: True dat.

Chapter 53 (15)

I know artists are pretty much supposed to make new things, brake borders and what-not but I never thought you’d be the next puke painter!

Chapter 53 (16)

Grænblár: Mommy, when is it my birthday? I want cake!

Chapter 53 (17)

Mytilus: Be patient little one, and your reward won’t be far away.

Chapter 53 (18)

Astro: Dad-dude, our lack of a ceiling makes me sick.

And then she puked. :|

Chapter 53 (19)

Twinbrook has no space for the 64×64 film studio rabbit hole (well, perhaps where the Racket house is but I didn’t want to move them), I put it in the middle of almost nowhere. But for some reason Tenderloin can’t enter the building!

Chapter 53 (20)

Had to tear down some fence for him, but now he can work.

Chapter 53 (21)

Astro: Bronson dude, how come step-ma ain’t dead yet? She needs to go if we’re gonna have more grandkiddies!

Bronson: Don’t worry love, we just grew old! She’ll probably pass before we reach the ends of our life bars.

Astro: Better hope so, otherwise we might have to do it ourselves.

Bronson: Don’t include me in this…

Chapter 53 (22)

And then they remembered they had compatible star signs and proceeded to make out. Oh, old people…

Chapter 53 (23)

Betty: Who’s this old witch? Call the old folks home someone!

Vic: Hmph! Amateur bartenders. What has the world come to?

Chapter 53 (24)

About 8 screenshots later, it’s time for Grænblár to grow up.

Chapter 53 (25)

He becomes Disciplined.

Chapter 53 (26)

Vic: What the hell… is with this bench? I feel sick.


Chapter 53 (27)

Vic: I wouldn’t eat that if I were you, it could be radioactive.

Chapter 53 (28)

Grænblár: That’s total rubbish step-great-grandma! You just want my pie for your own! :<

Chapter 53 (29)


Grænblár: Owie…

Chapter 53 (30)

Grænblár: I will get you for that, fishing rod. *evil smile*

Chapter 53 (31)

Grænblár: You will catch me something cool!

Chapter 53 (32)

Fun game of the week: Find the lure!

Chapter 53 (33)

And there’s Standby.

I should also, while I remember to mention it, that I changed Astro’s LTW to Perfect Mind, Perfect Body. Why did I do this? Well, the stealing counter reset when the family moved and there was no chance she’d finish it before her inevitable death. Since she maxed athletic almost autonomously she only has logic left to max. It’s not a big deal, really, but I thought she deserved a completed LTW, and she’s not the main focus any more. That’s about it.

Chapter 53 (34)

Grænblár: I noticed something that sucks, dad. I want to play music, compose, but there’s nothing in this world for kids to use.

Cale: I agree, but was that the only thing you wanted to mention?

Grænblár: No, I want some help with my homework.

Chapter 53 (35)

Chapter 53 (36)

Like he needs it though, that friendly bat gives him all the help he needs.

Chapter 53 (37)

But that doesn’t mean he can’t delve into other stuff kids can do. Like baking!

Chapter 53 (38)

Kay: Step-mum! Wait for meeee~!

Pollen: Screw you! *VROOO~OM*

Chapter 53 (39)

Kay: I’ll get yooo~u!


Chapter 53 (40)

Mytilus: If you don’t stop this soon old woman I swear I will strangle you!!

Astro: Yeee~s… Do eeee~t…

Cale: What the…?

Chapter 53 (41)

Grænblár: Well, this is awkward…

Chapter 53 (42)

Still in love. Still rolls wishes for each other.

Chapter 53 (43)

Cale: I just became a newb PI!

So that’s one career down, three more to go.

Chapter 53 (44)

Cale: Yay. Now I can troll forums!

Chapter 53 (45)

Ham: Why did he faint? Why did the Chimeree faint? What’s going on?! D:

There’s Dionysus, and a bit of Evander.

Chapter 53 (46)

It’s a shame you can’t solve murder mysteries when a PI (or something in that grade of coolness), instead you have to settle for solving the mystery of some mouthwash belonging to a redneck swamp-child in its underwear. Totally normal!

Chapter 53 (47)

Astro: I read another chapter of that book, and I got sent another nice belt in the mail!

Chapter 53 (48)

Reading note books in the park. Works great against the stir-crazy.

Chapter 53 (49)

Jade Greenwood: If you want the dirt, you’ll have to pay up  handsome man!

Never thought teens would need bribes. At least adults you can beat up.

Chapter 53 (50)

Nothing special.

Chapter 53 (51)

Just decreasing funds.

And getting into paparazzi trouble because of that. It pisses me off so much! Can you fix your celeb status with mods?

Chapter 53 (52)

What is with that face?

TV-man: *Facepalm*

Chapter 53 (53)

Jade: I can sense… an elder… man… fat and… a vampire…

Chapter 53 (54)

Cale: What’s this? A clue!

Chapter 53 (55)

Cale: I’m close. I can feel it!

… … … xD

Chapter 53 (56)

Cale: That’s Marigold – destroyer of doll houses. Better be really careful.

Chapter 53 (57)

Chapter 53 (58)

Chapter 53 (59)

Chapter 53 (60)

Grænblár: There’s some odd smell in the air…

Until next time…

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