The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 54: Radical


C54 Title Card

I just realized what I built there, it’s the half of a garden house.

Last time; Bronson retired, Ham blew up stuff, Grænblár grew up, and there was some odd smell in the air…

Chapter 54 (1)

The smell of Death!

So yeah, Cale is fried. It was my fault. Sorry.

Chapter 54 (2)

And so the inevitable mourning begins.

Chapter 54 (3)

Astro: This wasn’t supposed to happen.

I know! Someone else was supposed to die!

Chapter 54 (4)

Go away Death! Stop mocking me!

Death: :)

Chapter 54 (5)

So, for the first time, I get the crappiest gravestone/urn for him.

Cale, he completed 1/4 of his LTW, married, got one son, was a child of two vampires, and worked on a garbage machine while singed.

Chapter 54 (6)

Bronson: Are you alright, Mytilus?

Mytilus: No, not really.

Chapter 54 (7)

Bronson: There, there. Things will turn for the better.

Chapter 54 (8)

Mytilus: You don’t know a thing about how this feels, father!

Bronson: Whoa, whoa! Calm down.

Chapter 54 (9)

Bronson: Not exactly, but similar. When your grandfather had marital problems it was really tense for everyone, including me. And I hurt for the loss of Cale too.

Chapter 54 (10)

Bronson: Even though your husband in gone, your son is still here. We are still here. Feeling better now?

Mytilus: Yeah, a bit.

Chapter 54 (11)

*Crosses fingers* Don’t-die-don’t-die-don’t-die…

He didn’t. Phew.

Chapter 54 (12)

With that over-lighted painting behind her, she looks kinda angelic.

Chapter 54 (13)

Astro: Daughter of mine, you need to forget your broken heart and find a replacement husband.

Chapter 54 (14)

Mytilus: Mother! How insensitive of you! Don’t you have a heart or did you lose it somewhere to your senility?!

Chapter 54 (15)

Astro: Dudette, just find a man and get him into the house. The family genes will then fix everything.

Chapter 54 (16)

So the recently widowed heiress heads out to a house in the middle of the swamp.

Chapter 54 (17)

Man: Ho there, friend. Is there something amiss?

Chapter 54 (18)

Mytilus: My husband just got fried and I have to attempt something very difficult! *Sob sob*

Chapter 54 (19)

Man: It can’t be that bad. What is it you’re supposed to do?

Mytilus: *Sniff*

Chapter 54 (20)

Mytilus: Well, are you single?

Chapter 54 (21)

Man: I am in fact.

Chapter 54 (22)

Mytilus: Good. Would you like to move into a bigger house, with way more colours than this?

Chapter 54 (23)

Man: We just met, but my heart says it won’t be worse than this place. Besides, I’m kind off broke at the moment.

Mytilus: Great! Come with me.

Chapter 54 (24)

Mytilus: *Thinking* This is so wrong, yet there is something in my guts saying its okay. What is going on?

Chapter 54 (25)

Mytilus: *Thinking* I hope this one doesn’t die too.

Man: You never told me your name. I’m Wolfgang Darden.

Mytilus: Mytilus Regnbåge.

Chapter 54 (26)

Wolfgang: *Thinking* She certainly didn’t lie about the colours.

Mytilus: *Thinking* Oh Cale, forgive me!

Chapter 54 (27)

Mytilus: Could you get over here, please? I need to paint your portrait.

Wolfgang: Is this some kind of initiation rite?

Astro: Just do it boy.

Chapter 54 (28)

Mytilus: Get back here, please. This one turned out crappy.

Wolfgang: Alright. *thinking* That Bronson fellow was pretty swell.

Chapter 54 (29)

No one (‘cept me) probably knows who he is, but he is in fact a re-coloured Stanton Garden (from a Sim Project I gave up upon long ago since the legacy format is way more entertaining).

Chapter 54 (30)

Astro: You are bright, boy. But I am brighter, because I just maxed the logic skill.

Therefore, her LTW was fulfilled. Yay!

Chapter 54 (31)

Wolfgang: You want something, friend?

Chapter 54 (32)

Mytilus: Yeah. *Cracks knuckles* I think I’m ready to attempting that difficult thing I mentioned before.

Chapter 54 (33)

Mytilus: Uhm, you don’t have any hair… but you look nice any way!

Wolfgang: Err, thank you…

Chapter 54 (34)



Chapter 54 (35)

Julienne Knack: This is so wrong, I can’t watch!

Chapter 54 (36)

These two don’t seem to agree.

Chapter 54 (37)

And here are the Greenwood twins, I mean big sister and little sister.

Chapter 54 (38)

Mytilus: Did you take offense for any of this?

Wolfgang: No, I actually kind of liked it.

Jade: *Is creeping*

Chapter 54 (39)

Grænblár: I know someone died, but I can’t remember who…

Your father died, Grænblár.

Grænblár: How horrible! Why didn’t anyone tell me this?!


Chapter 54 (40)

Since he’s here to stay, he’s given a blue get-up.

Fun fact: The top is Tenderloin’s old YA top.

Wolfgang Card

Here’s his neato character card. His name was rolled (by that I mean random name generator), his traits were rolled, his faves were rolled (which are indie, mac n’ cheese, aqua), and his LTW was picked by me.

Also, a sneak peek of his formal wear.

Chapter 54 (41)

Grænblár: Yay! Radioactive cake!

Chapter 54 (42)

Grænblár: Oh, dad! I wish you were here!

Chapter 54 (43)

Grænblár: I’ll eat some cake for you too! :)

Chapter 54 (44)

Oh, Bronson’s family genes… Why you so dominant?

Chapter 54 (45)

Grænblár: Alright, cake. I will eat you.

Chapter 54 (46)

Grænblár: Although one piece is enough, don’t want to succumb to gluttony.

Chapter 54 (47)

Jade… You can stop now… Jade… JADE!…

Never mind.

Chapter 54 (49)

Tenderloin is my man I use to get to know people’s traits. FYI the Greenwood sisters are in fact spouse options.

Chapter 54 (50)

Grænblár: I look silly.

Sorry, sorry! But anyway, silly boy Grænblár here gains the Workaholic trait. First time for that if I remember correctly.

Chapter 54 (51)

Vic: I’ll just make some drinks. Good for easing the mood if needed.

I just noticed the drinks in the background.

Chapter 54 (52)

Grænblár: Ugh, a crib. It’s not long until I have to suffer under the screams of an infant. Life can be cruel some times.

Doesn’t really matter, though. Even if Cale hadn’t unfortunately died, you’d still be having a sibling.

But enough for now, until next time…

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