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Tomorrow I’ll be moving. Because as I’ve mentioned before a few times, I’m going to learn the ancient art of animation. Moving is required for that.

Early tomorrow morning I’ll be traveling north for quite a bit (to the capital in fact), and since the landlord ain’t currently at home when I get up there I’ll be without the internets for a day (Noooooo…). It’s wireless so it’d be foolish to pick on it if it has a password. If it doesn’t have a password then I’ll have internet by tomorrow, otherwise it’s not any internet for me until Sunday.

So when it comes to this blog, I guess I’ll take my sweet ass time getting the everyday rolling first and foremost, then I’ll get rolling again. A bonus thing is that on the first day I’ll get the schedule for the whole first year (boo yah!), so I can schedule things properly.



A slightly bent fork. You all know you have at least one of those. I usually accidentally bend spoons when trying to excavate ice cream from its box.

It looks more like an orange than a lemon to me, and it’s kinda flat. But I like the bloo~d showing, even though my current blister (or any of them really) doesn’t affect the gums nor do bleed at all.

Also, fish lips. Whenever I draw lips it’s either one line or fish lips like these. Allow me to laugh at myself. ;P

Lemon, Nom Nom


Drew this after today’s (yesterday’s) lunch; a shrimp sandwich I spilled my free Coca-Cola on. D:

I’ve gotten this insane idea in my head that I should eat all the lemon slices I get on my food from now on. Problem is, I’ve recently gotten another blister in my mouth (I guess I should brush my teeth more often. Yes I know that’s gross but my teeth have always been in prime condition). And lemons are sour.

This is my reflection on that. And I’ll still eat those lemon slices.

Blackberry (The Berry)


Random fact: Why does it take 6 pages in Google Image Search to find a picture of the blackberry that came first?! And even then it takes 3 more pages for blackberry mush/jam and two super huge mutant berries, but the phones still rule the search! I feel sorry for the berry, because the phone is silly (who can press those small buttons without pressing all buttons at the same time? Makes me think of this) .

Fun fact: In Swedish, blackberry is called björnbär directly translated to bearberry. Why isn’t it called that in English? It’s flippin’ awesome!

But on to my point of this point, today (read yesterday because I’m fond of nightly blogging)…

Before I found the forest gold, I found these sweet things on the island. It’s been a while since I found a good source, I don’t know if the cause is either the berries themselves becoming extinct or that they spread to one place and die in another.

When I was younger, at least 7 years ago, I had one prime spot for blackberries. It was near the school and the daycare I went to, up on a mountain near the daycare but it was neighboring the school. When I changed schools for the 7th grade (you can’t have every grade at one school so I had to start biking, yuck), I didn’t visit very often because… I was lazy and played Diablo II I suppose.

Nowadays the spot is completely dead, it stopped prospering a few years ago, and I doubt the spot is even intact now because they are now building a new daycare where the old one was because of moisture damage. Not only are they building a bigger one, but they are also blowing up parts of the surrounding mountains to make cargo space. Also, they hired the same stupid designer who designed the daycare downtown, which looks like a depressing prison with no greenery (seriously, the walls are completely grey and look unfinished).

It’s quite depressing for me to look at the place now, I had precious memories from that place. I never want to see the finished product of it ever, that’d be too depressing (and I’ve seen the plans for it), because it’s going to be grey too. At least keep with the yellow brick theme that’s in the neighborhood! The apartments have yellow bricks, the school has yellow bricks, the old daycare had yellow bricks. What the hell?I know there was no way too keep the old one since moisture is bad for buildings, but they should’ve built another daycare that looks just like the old one (or at least don’t use grey walls!).

I’m sorry if you expected a post with 100% blackberry the berry and it turned into something of a rant about my destroyed childhood, but it felt good to ease my heart a bit (I’m in tears right now to be honest).