The Lonely Refinery Taste – Sushi, Again


So here I was, about 5 hours before my night train would depart and I hadn’t eaten in 6 hours. Originally I was gonna go to Pizza Hut but I decided to sit down for some sushi instead – at a proper sushi place!

I picked the medium dish, with eleven pieces. You got chopsticks this time (I nicked a pair to take home), and free water but I didn’t realize that until after I had bought a Pepsi.

Let’s start from the top… I didn’t even touch the beige stuff because I knew it’d probably be super hot. There was some red shredded veggie, and (you can’t see it) some shredded pink onion, which were okay but before I could eat them I was full and satisfied. I don’t know what that green shredded slimy stuff was, I only tasted the creepy thing. The four rolls didn’t have avocado, but cucumber instead which was good. But they replaced that with one big piece of avocado on rice! When I attempted to remove it I dropped the rice on the green goo at the bottom and THE BURN! D: And then there was this weird seaweed roll with some kind of mash in it, I think it was crab and something something. Lastly there were 3 salmon, one prawn and the one with the light pink stuff on it. I can’t remember what it was, but it wasn’t bad.

Final Verdict

There was something very heavy about the whole dish. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten it so quickly? It’s still nice though, but I don’t think it’s something you can eat often (like pizza or spaghetti).

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