The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 55: Rays Of Sun


C55 Title Card

Continuing in the trend of nonsensical titles for the chapters, oddly always weather inspired.

Last time; Cale unfortunately died, but no worries – Mytilus quickly found a replacement man out in the swamp, Wolfgang. And our only turquoise kid became a teenager (already?).

Chapter 55 (1)

Grænblár: Yay, VR adventure! But who put the volume up so high?!


Chapter 55 (2)

Chapter 55 (3)

Chapter 55 (4)

And that’s about all the mourning in this chapter you’ll get!

Chapter 55 (5)

Now that he has the ability to, I gave Grænblár the celebrity guitar to utilize. Bastard will probably master it in a day.

Chapter 55 (6)

Seona: Fufufu… Get outta my way or there will be shanking. >:)

More Chimerees! Featured here are Seona, Leroy (the founder!)…

Chapter 55 (7)

…and Cocaine.

Chapter 55 (8)

See? Already mastered. Freak.

Chapter 55 (9)

Ham: Yo man, I did the math and it’s not possible for you and my niece to procreate unless-

Chapter 55 (10)

Ham: -splash! someone goes down ya know?

Chapter 55 (11)

Wolfgang: I know, isn’t your mother supposed to fill that role?

Chapter 55 (12)

Mr. Lefty: I’ll get you for that!

Ham: Waaaa~it Lefty!

Chapter 55 (13)

Ham: He didn’t make a mom joke, he was right. Mom was supposed to kick the bucket long ago.

Mr. Lefty: Hmph… *grumble*

Chapter 55 (14)

Fun fact: people like to visit the little family graveyard, just because I set it to ‘visitor’s allowed’.

Chapter 55 (15)

Ham: *Using vampire powers* Yooo~u will love meeeee…

Remember, since I don’t have mods these two will have to get to know each other – again and again until they marry.

Chapter 55 (16)

This is what Ham does whenever I leave her alone, mooch cash from other people. And it always works. Always.

Chapter 55 (17)

Mytilus: Hey painting who was painted long ago, it’s my birthday!

Chapter 55 (18)

What is going on with Tenderloin’s pants? At least it’s not as bad as the picture I saw over at Sims Gone Wrong.

Gotta find that picture… *checks while writing*

Chapter 55 (19)

*Crosses fingers* Don’t-die-don’t-die-don’t-die.

Chapter 55 (20)

Wolfgang: Is that Victoria over there?

Nah, but it looks like it.

Chapter 55 (21)

Wolfgang: Don’t you want to dance anymore?

Mytilus: No.

Chapter 55 (22)

Mytilus: I feel like I’ll drop to the floor any second.

Wolfgang: Me too, to be honest.

Chapter 55 (23)

Picture of Cale: Hey! Why am I on the edge and almost falling to the floor?

Picture of Wolfgang: Because I’m her man now! And keeping you here is to punish your idiotic self for frying yourself twice in a row! Muhahahahaha!

Picture of Cale: D:

Chapter 55 (24)

Bronson: Wolfgang?

Wolfgang: Yes, Bronson?

Chapter 55 (25)

Bronson: When will you and Mytilus get married?

Chapter 55 (26)

Wolfgang: I don’t know, as soon as a slot opens I suppose. I don’t know if there’ll be any cake though, or a party. Mytilus doesn’t like large masses of people.

Bronson: That’s true. She married her former husband, Cale, without changing into her formalwear.

Chapter 55 (27)

Wolfgang: Hey, Dionysus, dance!

Chapter 55 (28)

Di: :D

Dionysus is also a Chimeree.

Chapter 55 (29)

Ham: Why is my bed so damn popular?!

Chapter 55 (30)

Bronson: I like you Wolfgang.

Chapter 55 (31)

Wolfgang: I like you too, Bronson. You are a great chess partner.

Chapter 55 (38)

This is everyday for the adults of the house. Not so exciting.

Chapter 55 (39)

Cale: I have come to haunt my former house! Boo.

Chapter 55 (40)

See?! Told ya!

Chapter 55 (41)

Chapter 55 (42)

Well, this was unnecessary.

Chapter 55 (45)

Grænblár: Dad! Good you’re here. I have some serious stuff to talk about…

Chapter 55 (46)

This would a pointless picture, ‘cept for two things. Wolfgang has a sticky note tattoo, and Astro just maxed logic (therefore completing her LTW).

Chapter 55 (47)

Cale: *Insert some witty insulting fly comment here because I can’t come up with one.*

Chapter 55 (48)

Grænblár: D:<

Cale: >:D

Chapter 55 (49)

Grænblár: Not. Nice. Dad!

Chapter 55 (50)

Grænblár: You’ve become such a douche ever since you died! You’re not my dad! My dad isn’t an asshole! Scram!

Chapter 55 (51)

Cale: Rrawr!

Tenderloin: Not now, Cale. I’m tired.

Chapter 55 (52)

And then he goes to sleep on the balcony. At least it wasn’t Ham’s bed again.

Chapter 55 (53)

Cale: Hi babe.

Mytilus: Ew! Oh… Let’s talk outside, Cale. This is a bathroom.

Chapter 55 (54)

Cale: I’ve missed you, Mytilus.

Mytilus: I’ve missed you too.

Chapter 55 (55)

Mytilus: But you do realize I’ve moved on now? I’m going to marry another man. Are you okay with this?

Chapter 55 (56)

Cale: Not really though, I mean I’d rather be alive. But I can’t deny you moving on with your life.

Mytilus: Thank you for your support, Cale.

Cale: You’re welcome. Just don’t forget about me completely.

Mytilus: Alright.

Chapter 55 (57)

Astro: *Thinking* I love my dude.

Bronson: *Thinking* I love myself.

That’s it for now!

Next chapter

Oh yeah, I found it! And here’s a bonus.

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