The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 56: Sudden Lamp Death


C56 Title Card

This chapter is brought to you by Jet Chimeree! … Staring at a wall. Oh, and a new font because I felt it was needed. And my lamp just died. Yay.

Last time; There was some talking, some dancing, Mytilus became an adult and all the ghosts’ favourite is Ham, much to her aggravation.

At this time in the game, things were moving very slowly and it was painful to play because a certain someone wouldn’t die. To prevent dragging on forever and ever, here’s the highlights before the inevitable.

Chapter 56 (1)

I’ve been stalking the Greenwood to find out their spouse potential, simply because they are among the few pretty people of Twinbrook.

Chapter 56 (3)

Grænblár introduces himself to one of the girls, Emerald. Here’s the first evidence of his LTW, which he rolled as a child.

Chapter 56 (4)

Emerald: Hey, Grænblár, isn’t it funny how my favourite colour is green? And my last name is Greenwood?

I thought it was funny.

Chapter 56 (5)

Turns out, their signs were compatible.

Chapter 56 (6)

As was their mouths.

Chapter 56 (7)

Grænblár: Oh my, I think I’m going to faint.

Chapter 56 (8)

And for some reason Wolfgang was grumpier than usual.

Chapter 56 (9)

Grænblár: Anyone who kisses me just got to get a free makeover.

Chapter 56 (10)

Emerald: I love it Grænblár.

Grænblár: Really? *looks defeated for some reason*

Chapter 56 (11)

Ham is doing quite well in her career.

Chapter 56 (12)

F YEAH! Finally! Death has come! I’ve never been so happy-!

Chapter 56 (13)

Death: What the heck? Why are you still alive?

Astro: I too would like to know what the crepes is going on!


Chapter 56 (14)

Death: Now I’m going to mock you by playing a bit.

Vic: Is sad about (yeah what is the word for that?).

Chapter 56 (15)

So yeah. I’m shocked. Bronson died at the age of 92, but Victoria was well over 100. The wrong person died, but at least now there’s a slot open.

Bronson, your genes bring so much cute. Have a good rest now.

Chapter 56 (16)

Emerald: Was that Death just now?

Chapter 56 (17)

Mytilus: Now I can make some competition for Grænblár.

Chapter 56 (18)

Doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss her dad, though.

Mytilus: I miss him so much, mother. :’(

Astro: Whatev. I’m hungry.

Chapter 56 (19)

Grænblár: Would you like to become my girlfriend, Emerald?

Emerald: I’d love to, Grænblár.

Chapter 56 (20)

Grænblár: Thanks, I need someone’s shoulder to cry on. Waaaaahh…

Chapter 56 (21)

*Insert sad piano tune here, there’s plenty of them*

Chapter 56 (22)

What in the world? …

Chapter 56 (23)

Grænblár: My girlfriend will be awestruck by this.

Chapter 56 (24)

Snake: You have a girlfriend?! *Hiss* You cheating whore!

Grænblár: Aaaahh!

Chapter 56 (25)

Snake: Just leave. I never want to see you again.

Grænblár: Of course. Sorry…

Chapter 56 (26)

Tenderloin: This limo feels empty without my son-in-law.

Chapter 56 (27)

Mytilus: Honey, I’m pregnant!

Wolfgang: I feel somewhat bad for doing this, love. I mean Bronson just died.

Mytilus: He wanted grandkids. He can meet this one if he haunts some time.

Chapter 56 (28)

Grænblár: Did I hear that correctly?

Chapter 56 (29)

Grænblár: They’re gonna replace me with a kid that has a more genetic blend than me!

Chapter 56 (30)

Mytilus: Grænblár, don’t be sad.

Chapter 56 (31)

Mytilus: Even if this new child becomes genetically superior to you, we’ll still love you. You’ll become the most unique spare ever!

Grænblár: I guess that’s an acceptable alternate outcome for my life…

Chapter 56 (32)

Mytilus: Good. Now I demand you rub my belly.

Chapter 56 (33)

Will the father of the child ever caress this woman’s stomach?

Chapter 56 (34)

A nice little actor’s trophy Tenderloin won.

Chapter 56 (35)

Cale is – Forever Alone.

Chapter 56 (36)

Astro: Oh, my dead dude, when will your handsome face on a painting stop mocking me whenever I wake up?

Or you could just sleep on the other side of the bed.

Astro: But that’s his side!

True fact.

Chapter 56 (37)

Hallelujah! Oh, and I set up the father-to-be in the science career. Because I feel it fits him.

Chapter 56 (38)

Mytilus: Hmm… This piece needs something specific.

Chapter 56 (39)

Mytilus: Like pancake- Oww!

Chapter 56 (40)

Wolfgang: Aah! We gotta get you to the hospital fast!

Mytilus: I would appreciate that, thanks! Ouch!

Chapter 56 (41)

Wolfgang: All this drilling is going on my nerves…

Mytilus: Isn’t there anything better to do?

Nope. I want a pink diamond. To make a simbot. :)

Chapter 56 (42)

It’s a boy! And apparently Wolfgang was standing outside while is son was being born.

Wolfgang: But this book is really interesting!

Chapter 56 (43)

Mytilus: I’ll be going home now, Wolfie.

Chapter 56 (44)

Wolfie: Wait for meee!

Chapter 56 (45)

If you can’t tell, he’s a carbon copy of his dad (‘cept for the skin). But I want to try at least one more time.

Chapter 56 (46)

Mytilus: Now that we have a son together, I think we should seal the deal.

Chapter 56 (47)

Mytilus: Will you marry me, Wolfie?

Wolfie: Yes, of course!

Chapter 56 (48)

And a few days later they became disgraced because they had a child out of wedlock. xD

Which is just silly, I mean marriage isn’t required to have kids, and there isn’t anything disgraceful about kids out of wedlock.

Although the celebrity system of Late Night is just oversensitive to pretty much everything, I’m going to keep the celebs out of the next legacy I make.

Chapter 56 (49)

Mytilus: Come here, kiddo. Let’s give you a proper introduction.

Chapter 56 (50)

Since I was short on creativity again, I consulted Google Translate again. Tirkizan is the Croatian adjective for turquoise. Like his elder half-brother he gains the Absent-Minded trait but also his mother’s trait of Couch Potato. He shares his liking of Indie music and the colour Aqua with Grænblár BUT he likes to eat Hamburgers instead.

That’s it for now. Until next time…

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