The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 61: Double Derp


C61 Title Card

Nice to see some gree~n. It’s so calming against the eyes.

Last time; While Grænblár topped his career, Wolfie had too. A robber’s butt was kicked. There was a paint off with the newly grown up Zelený as the subject, then he and Tirkizan moved out. Grænblár and Emerald got married, right before the fire chief got rewarded with the key to the city.

Chapter 61 (1)

Wolfie: Hey, face-one-woman-who-photobombed-Emerald’s-award-ceremony! I’m retiring!

FOWWPBEAC: How delightful, I’m moved. So much I’ll just blend into the darkness of the night.

Chapter 61 (2)

Man, I didn’t catch the lightning striking. :/ But yeah, another firefighting opportunity that doesn’t count towards saving people from death. You know, because SAVING THE WORLD FROM EVIL isn’t good enough.

Chapter 61 (3)

Jone: Hi mom!

Jone (and her brother Gilbert) are the kids of Mimi and Leroy Chimeree. When am I gonna stop mentioning Chimerees? :S

Chapter 61 (4)

Emerald: My tummy is hungry.

Or might it be something else? ;)

Emerald: No, definitely hungry.

Chapter 61 (5)

Wolfie: What the heck is this crap?

Already?! It’s too soon! D:

Chapter 61 (6)

Wolfie: I knew I shouldn’t have left the house.

Chapter 61 (7)

Blair… What the heck?…

Chapter 61 (8)

Mytilus: Oh, Wolfie. You were only 95. D’:

Chapter 61 (9)

Mytilus: Oh well, at least there’ll be grandkids soon.

Hmm… That reminds me of someone-

Chapter 61 (10)

OH HAI BRONSON! What are you doing at Christopher Steel’s place?

Bronson: I hate that tiny graveyard. It’s shameful.

Chapter 61 (11)

This is so sad. :’(

Wolfgang, you didn’t really contribute anything, but you were a delight to have around.

Chapter 61 (12)

Household update of what people do most of their time;

Grænblár is completing sculpting challenges, and has also become an professional sculptor.

Ham is gardening every morning, and looking for a heart-cut pink diamond, otherwise she runs free.

Chapter 61 (13)

Mytilus, the second time around widow, has taken to maxing instrument skills.

Tenderloin is mostly running free and working in the forensics branch.

Chapter 61 (14)

Emerald is, yay, preggers.

Chapter 61 (15)

But she has time for one rescue before maternity leave strikes. And this time she gets to save real people.

Chapter 61 (16)

One, teenage Sam Sekemoto.

Chapter 61 (17)

Two, wedding guest Pauline Wan.

Chapter 61 (18)

Three, Bella’s mother Jocasta Bachelor.

Chapter 61 (19)

Four, daughter of Standby and Seona Beata (yay I remembered her name!) Chimeree.

All of whom are more concerned about the pool than their own lives.

Chapter 61 (20)

Chapter 61 (21)

Chapter 61 (22)

Chapter 61 (23)

Emerald: I’ll just steal some flame fruit, kthxbai.

Chapter 61 (24)

In the middle of the night… (Why is it always in the night? It disturbs the sleep.)

Grænblár: Zzzz… I want three children… whom all are flies… Zzzz…

Chapter 61 (25)

Ham: You madam, look awfully familiar.

Chapter 61 (26)

Death has been busy, recently reaping Emerald’s mother.

Chapter 61 (27)

I swear I’ll cut down on the cameos, but they are just everywhere!

Chapter 61 (28)

Chapter 61 (29)

Strong positive moodlet for 8 hours? Boo yah!

Chapter 61 (30)

Mytilus: It looks just like me, Grænblár. Is there any way we could put it in my room?

Chapter 61 (31)

Thank the wonders of buy mode!

Chapter 61 (32)

More awards, so many I barely notice the pop-ups prompting me to collect them.

Chapter 61 (33)

The maid. Probably the first time in a long while she’s being useless. Impressive.

Chapter 61 (34)

Mytilus: You look awfully joyful, aunt Ham.

Ham: It pays to be adventurous, niece of mine.

Chapter 61 (35)

Emerald: We’re having a baby, Grænblár!

Grænblár: Really?

Chapter 61 (36)

Grænblár: I’ve waited so long for this.

Chapter 61 (37)

Tenderloin: I’ll check the gender- oh wait I’m just dressed as a doctor! Oops…

Chapter 61 (38)

Mytilus: I hope I don’t pass away before I get to meet this little fellow.

Chapter 61 (39)

Ham: What. Is. This?!

*Facepalm* Ugh! When the heck did I think this was a good outfit?

Chapter 61 (40)

The point was, to display the place of her new tattoo she wished to get. An ode to her late mother.

Chapter 61 (41)

Nuuuu… This is even worse! D:

Chapter 61 (42)

Much better.

Chapter 61 (43)

Chapter 61 (44)

Oh, shoot. She was so close!

Chapter 61 (45)

Boyd: This goes straight onto FAIL Blog.

Chapter 61 (46)

Emerald: It’s show time, love! Ow!

Grænblár: Oh well, let’s go to the hospital then.

Chapter 61 (47)

Twiii~ns it is!

Chapter 61 (48)

Tenderloin: I want to hold that baby.

Chapter 61 (49)


Chapter 61 (50)

Boy #1: Derp!

Chapter 61 (51)

Chapter 61 (52)

Boy #2: Derp!

Chapter 61 (53)

Wolfie! Hurry! Snuggle your grandkids before morning comes!

Wolfie: No thanks, I’d rather sit here and read instead.

Chapter 61 (54)

Double derpy twins are named Spruce (in the crib) and Cactus (on the floor), both named after plants (one is used as a christmas tree and the other is one of my favourite plants).

Let’s start with the elder, which is Spruce, who looks very much like his dad, but has Emerald’s dad’s hair colour(!). Faves are classical music, stu surprise and lime. Cactus looks quite a lot like his mom, but has the hair colour of his dad. His faves are hip hop, hamburger and blue.

Both of them are insane (no shit!), but Cactus is a genius while Spruce is easily awoken.

Finally some green to counter the somewhat screechy turquoise! Until next time…

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