Monthly Archives: September 2011

Still No Internet


But I’m actually doing quite all right without it.

It sucks not to be able to watch TGWTG videos and the like, and not being able to blog properly. I’ve finished three games in the time (one of them I already played once before), and I’ve watched a ton of movies and all seven seasons of Malcolm in the Middle. Right now I’m watching Batman the Animated Series. I’ve made sushi twice, done a ton of laundry and bought an ugly mp3 player. And I’m always working hard on my assignments, even though they are not excellent (mainly because I’m a newb at this so far). Also, I can read sim legacies (on my phone of all things!) but I can’t comment.

I’m hoping to get internet some time this year. If I don’t it’s a big damn scandal. The next place I move to MUST HAVE broadband in the wall. I have no faith in the wireless internet or the mobile broadband anymore.

Have a good night people, I’m still here (I’m just without internet).