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CC Jungle & Silent Hill 3


After seeing a bunch of gameplay pictures from the newest Sims 3 EP Pets, I’ve started the slow process of building Sims Obsession – again. I’ve decided to indulge it (as I always do), but before I start playing I’m going to drench my game into all the wonderful CC and mods that exist. To prevent my own confusion I put all the downloaded stuff into folders, and more folders (I hope it will come in handy if I need to refer to it some time). I’m taking it kinda slow to prevent insanity.

In other news, I took a dove into Silent Hill 3 two days ago (I have yet to search properly for an iso for SH1). I probably won’t understand everything, but I have read plenty of wiki articles and half-seen/half-listened to a let’s play of the first game. So far the biggest problem with the game has been the camera and me getting lost. Otherwise I really like it. The atmosphere is brilliant, I never really feel completely safe. Too bad the game spazzes out when I tab out, giving me the Fallout treatment.

Lastly, I fly home on this coming Saturday (yay for awesome internet for a while). Things I know I’ll do is; eat pizza at my fave restaurant, watch a comedy show, eat at a place that has a wonderful buffet, cut and dye my hair, and buy clothes.

The Thing


Not the remake, the John Carpenter one.

I loved the atmosphere, the Thing effects were fabulous and I want to take a nap in MacReady’s hair.

When I pop in the DVD it says Collector’s Edition, but the case mentions nothing of that. Although it contains a ton of extra material, like;

  • Making of Documentary – Terror Takes Shape
  • Commentary with John Carpenter and Kurt Russell
  • Production Background Archive
  • Cast Production Photos
  • Production Art & Storyboards
  • Location Design
  • Production Archives
  • Outtakes
  • Production Notes
  • Post Production
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Carpenter & Russell Notes

So far I’ve seen the Making of (which was really interesting), the outtakes, art and storyboards, cast photos and maybe something more.

I really want to watch the commentary, maybe tomorrow for breakfast. ;)