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Risotto with shrimp


I made lunch yesterday. Risotto for the first time, quite delicious despite a bit too much lemon juice. There were supposed to be crawfish in place of the shrimp. Unfortunately the only crawfish in the store was the big box with jumbo ones (too expensive and too little time to thaw them out), so shrimp it was.

Also, most of the onions at the store had begun to grow. I’m scared.

More frozen dinners!


The buy 4 get 5 offer returned to my most liked brand of frozen dinner.

Unfortunately all the lasagne was out, but I got the awesomepasta instead.

Also, got 2 new beef ones. One with bearnaise-sauce and the other with croquets and garlic-butter.

Which is the better? Find out when I’ve eaten them.

And the results are in


In a post about 3 days ago I expressed worry for my grey NDS’s battery life. I said I’d monitor it, which I did, and following are the results.

17:22-18:06 – 44 min
Resting 18:06-18:15 – 9 min
18:15-19:05 – 50 min

2 days later…

16:17-18:54 – 2 h 37 min
Resting 18:54-19:28 – 34 min
19:28-20:23 – 55 min
Resting 20:23-20:27 – 4 min
20:27-20:42 (red light starts blinking) -20:45 (definite red light) – 18 min

Total: 344 min = 5h 44 min

Huh… I guess I was just being paranoid then, I wasn’t expecting it to go past 3 hours.

Frozen dinner review


Before I take a nap for an hour, quick review of the five frozen dinners I bought.

Chicken with herb garden sauce: all around okay, ‘cept for all the broccoli.

Lasagna: Not as good as the one I usually eat, different recipe. Became more disgusting the more I ate for it.

Chicken with rice and curry: Quite spicy and tasty, but minus for the broccoli.

Beef with potato-croquets and flavoured butter: Awesome croquets, beef tastes a bit like sawdust.

Pasta Alfredo: All around bland, the pasta turns to mush.

My house in Cheydinhal


This is my house in Cheydinhal, Cyrodiil (from the game The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion). I decorated it the best I could. Oh, and all the furnishing upgrades have been purchased.

From the entrance, to the right we have nothing interesting ‘cept for these Varla stones you can find in Ayleid ruins.

To the left is the dinner table, where today’s dinner is human hearts with sweet rolls for dessert.

A zoom out of the left part of the first floor.

Next to the fireplace, where I stacked all those tan services on my own. Plus, Welkynd stones (24) and baskets stocked with lettuce and apples.

Poisoned apples.

The desk where I stash all my notes.

Upstairs, the first thing you see is my storage corner. Here I stash gems and booze.

Kitchen area. Nothing special here. Bread.

A small seating area with glitching shelves (I swear I lost a soul gem to the left one), so not much is stored there.

Big hole over the entrance, yay for shortcuts.

Bedroom. Drawer for clothes and cabinet for books. The ayleid statue there can initiate a quest if I sell it, but I’d rather sell the next one I come across.

Bookcase with books I bothered to stack and a skeleton I carried around for over 15 levels.

Bed! Plus another Varla stone.

Bonus! This is the woman who owns the house, the Dunmer Siadrys Varilo. She’s sort of my default fantasy PC, originating from Neverwinter Nights 2 (where she was a bard).

The failed dish


I tried my hand at the scallop-dish I mentioned a while ago. It didn’t go as expected.

The problems:

  • I’m pretty sure the pan I used was too small, all the fluids in it more or less boiled the scallops instead of frying them as intended.
  • I burned the sauce, because I don’t want to stand and cook all through my lunch break.

How to make things better:

  • Don’t make this dish at school, take your time at home instead.

Even though the taste was kind of on-off I still have faith in it. When cooking I could smell the potential, even though I fucked up the scallops I could still taste something potentially awesome.

Also, there will be some time before I attempt this again (’cause scallops are expensive).