The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 63: Making Friends


One chapter before I go home for a break! I don’t know if there’ll be an update next week, but most definitely one in the week after that. This chapter was also written in September.

Last time; Tenderloin cured himself of his vampirism and became an elder. Emerald became an adult and shortly after that gave birth to insta-heiress Leprechaun, who’s birthday Mytilus died on. The insane twins also became children. Oh, and Mortimer joined the household as future spouse to Lepre. Totally not creepy.

… I forgot the original caption, but came up with a better one;

Cactus: Holy baloney Batman! Floating plate of food!

Mort’s title card will come later, but here’s a teaser; he originally had the [insert name of interior design LTW here] but since yours truly suck at interior designing (at least according to this game), I won’t torment myself. So instead I’m having Mortimer do whatever he wants to rack up enough points to change his LTW.
In all, lo and behold the Goth boy has sculpted a podium/thingie to put stuff on in clay!

Yay. Birthday. *claps enthusiastically*

Lepre: Who took my crib and replaced it with that bed?

Who gave you Mytilus’s old childhood clothes?

And the face paint returns, bringing a trait I haven’t rolled yet in this family; Good Sense of Humor. I hope she and Ham will still get along.

Statue of Emerald: *Looks epic*

Even though she doesn’t have the connected trait, I send our young heiress to fish, mainly because I haven’t had a hardcore fisherman/woman yet.

Lepre: I… digg this. *Rolls the 13 fishies in fishbowls LTW, no kidding*

Mort: What’s up, Leprechaun?

Lepre: I’m trying to enjoy some fishing on my birthday, but someone keeps disturbing me.

Mort: Sorry. :|

Also, walls down. *Facepalm* Wonder what it would look like if someone had been in there doing their business?

Emerald doesn’t want to wear any fireman’s clothes… okay.

She’s currently at Chester’s place, who is not at home but Ham’s glitched guitar is.

Evil Scientist on TV: Heeeeeelp meeeeee!!

Mort: *Nervous laugh*

Lepre: >:|

Evander: Is that Keavy over there?

Lepre: Did you pick those clothes yourself? They are lame.

Goody. The walls are up now.

Person in bathroom: Thank heaven.

Mort: Well, sorry princess I can’t dress as nicely as a conductor like your dad.

Evander: Did you read that book I told you about, Keavy? Did you think it was horrible too?

Mort: Hey! I caught a teeny tiny minnow!

Spruce: *Stare stare stare*

Mort: *This isn’t going very well. What does it take to befriend her*

Lepre: Mmm… burger.

I have a killer recipe for cheeseburgers (though not mine originally). Ask, if you’d like it. :)

Mort: *Maybe some music to lighten the mood?*

Lepre: That’s pretty good.

Mort: *It’s working! :D*

Lepre: Okay. Listen up now… You…

Lepre: Are a-okay with me.

Lepre: But don’t cheer to early, I need zero mistakes from you if this friendship is to last.

Lepre: Nah, just kidding. Friends?

Mort: Friends.

Lepre: Welcome to this week’s rendition of the adventures of Leprechaun the not-leprechaun! Today I’m at the watch tower looking for weird stuff.

Lepre: … Nope. Still the same number of dead people as yesterday.

Let’s-a-go to the beach for some variety!

Lepre: Don’t run so quickly, man. Do I need to cuff you?

Mort: Nope. *Looks away*

Lepre: I think you need, just look at all that dirt you were eating.

Mort: Just shut it and fish. >:(


Leprechaun: I got an orange fishie. What did you get?

Mort: A jellyfish!

Lepre: Naw, now mine seems lame.

Lepre: Better get some books on fishing. I want a jellyfish too. I’d name it Percy.

Lepre: Where are the jellyfish? All I see is the same fish over and over! Did I buy the wrong book?

Spruce: I’m hungry.

Lepre: I can make you some food, bro. Just wait until I catch some jellyfish.

Spruce: Suddenly I’m not that hungry anymore.

Just a statue of Mortimer. Which will be obsolete soon as he’ll get a better line of clothes later.

Mort: Yay! A treasure chest!

Mort: Another laptop? Bummer…

Cactus: I am insane! Pay attention to me!

Stop being so uninteresting then!

Mort: There’s a vampire next to me… help…

Stiles: Oh my goodness… vampire, where? … Help!

Cactus: Oh, trashburgers. The best there are.

This is what happens when I let go of Mortimer. He plays the bass, all the time.

LOL. Father and son in the exact same outfit, with the same hair.

Also, Keavy. <3

I almost forgot why Mort was there in the first place, it was for tattoos of course. I haven’t had a tattooed spouse since Shark.

Left arm – Green rose and some other unidentifiable green flower.

Back – Simlish in green.

Right arm – Floral band and the Grim Reaper (why not?).

Lepre: The adventures of Leprechaun the not-leprechaun returns! The former composer, now sculptor, has been returned from his hostage by some evil aliens, whom I defeated gloriously I might add.

The other sculptor in the house has made a sink. Out of wood. And it works. Nice.


Grænblár: Blasted aliens…

Old heir turquoise look pretty much the same, ‘cept pudgy and the shoes are different.

I think this is around the time I changed Mort’s LTW. To what, you’ll find out later.

I’m rounding up the last bit of the chapter with a birthday party.

Ham: I want to blow something up.

Here’s Ourania and Gilbert.

Jone and… something something.

Ham: I want to make things go boom!


Adult Zelený.

Spruce goes first.

At least some people are paying attention.

Spruce the eldest keeps rolling great traits, Never Nude this time.

Next up, Cactus.

Who becomes a perfectionist.

But wait- here’s to a hat trick.

As her face becomes rounder and more pinchable, her mind becomes more perceptive.

Lepre: I have to wear shoes now? Lame.

That was a quick childhood for our heiress.

By the way, with Valentine’s day today I celebrate 20 years of forever aloneness.

Not that it really bothers me, just something for the lolz. Until next time…

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  1. I win! 21 years of loneliness!! *depressing celebration woot*

    I don’t know which is more hilariously disturbing: Mort and Leprechaun working on their future relationship or the fact that I’m perfectly ok with it XD

    • I celebrated with carrot cake. :3

      Well, in a city slowly filling with old people and face ones, you gotta snag the one you most definitely want before they do something stupid. ;)

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