The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 65: Ho There


New goal: Finish the legacy before May ends. Which means at least two chapters per week. Yay!

Last time; Tenderloin died. D: Lepre was on a totally-not-creepy date with Mort and got caught by the cops (on another night). Ham became the mother to a stupidly named Simbot named Donavan and yelled at her father’s ice sculpture.

Enjoy this picture, it is the last picture of homework for this gen.

Kisses. ‘Cause kissing pictures are cute. :3

Grænblár: Hello, basket snake.

Basket snake: It’s been a while. Do you want a kiss, for old times?

Grænblár: That would be nice.

Chu. <3

Trivia: Chu is the sound that is made when kissing occurs. I learned that from Wind Waker.

Oh hai, Kay. Seems she’s a vegetarian now. That is a much better trait than computer whiz. [/whining]

I can’t let a legacy spouse (although not in in this universe) look awful, but it doesn’t look like she appreciates it.

Kay: Eep! What if someone sees me?

Mort: Is that a spacesuit?

Totally not a paradox.

Mort masters sculpting, awesome!

Lepre is out fishing. Two Chimeree offsprings join her.

Nothing special is happening, so how about a birthday!

Ha! Now she can’t escape not wearing her gear!

Hall party! Oh hai, Donavan. But someone is missing…

It’s Corné.

She has to be rescued from a fire first.

Emerald: Get to the party, girl! We can’t start without you.

Corné: But I need to peeeee.

Emerald: *sigh*


It’s even got a fireplace. Probably the Landgraab or Alto house.

Heehee. :D Chester got old, and pudding-y.

Boom! Cactus evolved into a young adult! Cactus learned Savvy Sculptor.

Boom! Spruce evolved into a young adult! Spruce learned Adventurous.

Mort has an inventor’s outfit. Because of reasons.

Donavan: Aaaaahh! My mother is a fleshie! D:

Lepre: Corné, look! I’m evolving.

Corné: Cool story, bro.

Lepre evolved into a young adult heiress. Lepre learned Grumpy. Grumpy.


A grump with a good sense of humor. This will be awesomely interesting.

Grump vs grump. Round 1. Fight!

I guess it’s a tie.

Chu. <3

Double chu! <3

Lepre: I can smell character cards! I had to give Lepre some tats before this.

So, Mort’s traits, and the LTW I picked for him, which is to max sculpting (already did in this chapter), inventing and painting.

Mort: Quite the beautiful view.

Mort: Lepre, where did this trailer come from?

Lepre: Just shut up and get in.

Woop woop!

Oh, Mort you silly grump.

This was the last green chapter. Shortest gen ever? Dun dun duuun~

Next chapter

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