The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 66: Chocolate


Chocolate, because I had no good title ideas.

I also forgot the font colour was to be lime. Balls.

Last time; all the kids became young adults, Mort and Lepre became more than good friends, and Emerald visited a snazzy looking bathroom.

Ham has been busy making portraits.

I thought this was a fine shot… until I realized Pollen the Portrait is looking right up Grænblár’s butt.

While Emerald gets another reward for her firefighting, count the number of old people in the shot. Or old Regnbåge pants.

By the lake…

Stuff happens…

Engagement happens…

At home…

Grænblár: I’m floating, son.

Spruce: Sparkling, too.

Spruce: Wait, that’s not a good thing!

Cactus: Why dad?

Bernard: I’ve been picking you guys up rather frequent recently.

Two days of sorrow, made worse by the fact that Grænblár couldn’t stick around for the wedding.

Grænblár: oldest parent yet, died before meeting any grandkids, was a vampire from birth to young adulthood. I’ll miss you.

Lepre’s new back tattoo, the same one Mort has.

Below, montage dedicated to the insane twins, before they move out of the house.

I’ll miss them.

I know the fridge will.

*insert witty Twilight comment here*

Lepre: Yep, I’m getting married… Today in fact.

Mort: Wha?

Lepre: Not in this. >:|

Lepre: Much better. :)

So, Lepre and Mort got married by the lake.

Their witnesses were some fish…

And some creepy old guy reading a book.

Mort: Woah! This ring looks lame.

Lepre: Oh, dad. You left us too soon.

Lepre: Oh, well. Back to fishing! La di da~

Some time later…

Lepre: I’m preggers, babe!

Mort: I am awesome.

Mort: And I’m an adult, soon. Woo!

Emerald: Greetings, burglar. I will kick your butt. :D

Who needs a burglar alarm with an old firefighter lady around?

Ham: I want to kick butt too! Raaah!

Ham: Justice has been served.

Ham: Now you’ll be in a terrible mood too! Haha!

Unfortunately, it backfires.

Ham: FML.

Emerald: I sense… my daughter in the next screenshot.

Why so grumpy, Leprechaun?

Lepre: I’m in labor, you jerk.

There’s a lot of fighting in this chapter today.

Nooooooooo!! Keavy lost. D:

Keavy: How could I lose to that old bag?

Ayesha, the old bag: Herp derp.

Zelený: I’m thinking about retiring, Overseer. There’s too much violence and reading outside the hospital.

Good idea, and also because it looks like you’ll break like a twig any second.

Lepre: Boo yah! A boy!

Lepre: What was the name now again, Mort?

Mort: LimeWire.

Prepare for me being really cheap on the names in this gen.

Mort: He’s a neurotic couch potato, likes to listen to Latin music, prefers eating hamburgers, and favourite colour is orange.

Besides the hair, skin and eye colour, he’s pretty much a Mortimer clone.

The couple wastes no time making a sibling for LimeWire.

Oh hai, Grænblár!

Emerald: Oh, it’s just the ghostly apparition of my deceased husband. I’d rather go sleep.

Have some enthusiasm, woman!

Emerald: Chu?

Grænblár: Sorry.

Emerald: But, why?

Grænblár: If we’d start kissing, I wouldn’t be able to stop and it’d crush me when I’d have to eventually leave.

Emerald: Life’s grim, huh?

Lepre: I sense something. It’s not something good. It threatens everything. It-

Lepre: -pregnant. Okay, then.

But that’s not everything. This is where the game started going apeshit. Everyone started freezing in bed, and I knew I had to move cities soon.

I thought Lepre could just give birth and then we’d move.

Woo! Baby basket! Let’s save and- CRASH!

Here’s where the game wouldn’t let Lepre give birth anymore. She’d just get stuck in labor. So I had to leave quickly, and lose any chance of grandparent genetics.

So here we are now, in a new town. Emerald’s LTW counter reset. D:

Next time, House Tour!

House Tour here

Next chapter

Bonus! The fishies Lepre caught to complete her 13 fishies in fish-bowls LTW.

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