The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 68: Things Calm Down


I’ve discovered font effects via my photoshop class, yay!
Last time; Leprechaun and Mortimer went almost insane because of the care-taking of four toddlers, LimeWire instantly fell in love with Deidre, a vampire died of starvation in the house, Emerald died too, Lepre became preggers again and Standby Chimeree cooked food like a boss.

Mort: Close, close! Nobody told me about those! I’ll just go invent something instead.

Lepre: Need some help, Mortimer?

Mort: Yes, please.

Mort: Thank you.

Lepre: No problem.

Mort: How’s the stomach today?

Lepre: Feelin’ fine.

Mort: Somehow, I think things are looking up.

Anything for less screaming.

Ham: I can’t find my phone, it’s too dark down here!

LimeWire stands here a lot, but most passers-by would rather do something else.

For her last birth, Lepre stays at home.

Lepre: Why even bother with another, while the others are still messes?

LimeWire: You could never break my heart, Dre. I will love you forever.

Lepre: Wire, your new sister’s growing up! Caaaaake~

LimeWire: In a moment, mum.

New kiddie: I’m forever alone! Waaaah!

Ham: Why does it scream?

Anyway, intro time. A bit of trivia here; this new kid’s name is the reason for her existence, I really wanted a girl to carry this name.

Her name is Princess Cake (Cake for short). She loves the outdoors and is easily impressed. Faves: roots, grilled cheese, irish green.

Cake has Emerald’s hair, most of her features are her mother’s, and the nose is Mortimer’s (the other reason for her existence).

Not too long after, it’s triple birthday time!

Lepre: Finally. Only one toddler left after this, then I can have my free time back!

LimeWire: Dre, have you ever wanted a garden?

Deidre: Umm, I’ve never-

LimeWire: I’ll plant you one. Just so you know!

Chartreuse: Man, I’m feeling some weird woop wops from those butterflies over there!

Chartreuse’s new trait is insane. I’ve been having a lot of insane sims lately.

Lime Jell-O (whom I’ll just call Jell-O from now on) rolled the virtuoso trait.

His dark purple hair with lime highlights look terrible in most hairs. :/

Finally, Limelight rolls eco-friendly.

Limelight: Is that mold?

One of the computers broke…

…so boom it goes!

Jell-O: Running is out-dated.

LimeWire: I see you’re taller than me now, Dre.

Deidre: Yep.

Deidre: How’s the garden?

LimeWire: I haven’t begun yet.

Deidre: You haven’t even started?!

LimeWire: I can’t do anything while this short, love!

More explosions, this time – stuff the family got for being celebrities.

Ham: I did not anticipate this.

So we’ve had four birthdays so far, why not a fifth.

Naw, don’t look so sad. How about an outfit fitting your new perceptive trait?

LimeWire: Excellent.

Deidre: You’ve become quite… handsome. Can I kiss you?

LimeWire: Gladly.

Now, for a one time thing, Ham at the club.

I wish I had continued with this, ’cause it was quite fun.

This is the last birthday of this chapter… not.

Cake: Lookin’ good there, me.

Cake’s new trait is virtuoso, the same trait Jell-O rolled at this stage.

This brings the birthday count to 8 for this chapter.

Jell-O loses all his hair and becomes a kleptomaniac.

Limelight becomes a couch potato.

Jell-O: Cake?

Cake: Yeah?

Jell-O: May I sit with you?

Cake: Sure.

Jell-O: I just got the news that we’ll be the heirs of this generation.

Cake: I will have competition? Ugh. Yep, I’m going double heirs this gen!

Chartreuse: You forgot about me before!

Oh yeah, he’s friendly now.
Time flew by in this chapter indeed. Until next time… which is Sunday.

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