The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 69: Interaction


First “artistic” title card yet?

Last time; a ton of birthdays, Princess Cake was born, Ham had some fun at a club, and I decided Cake an Lime Jell-O would both be heirs.

With all the kids at school during the day, Leprechaun and Mortimer have all the free time in the world!

Mort: Push me.

Lepre: No.

Mort: Push me.

Lepre: Nuuuu.

Mort: Pretty, please?

Lepre: Just a little, then.

Mort: Wiieeee. :D

Lepre: Enough.

Mort: Okay.

Outside dinner before…

… the bars open.

Lepre: Boob lady, keep the drinks coming! Tab’s on me!

The last smooch before…

… Mortimer has a birthday…

… into an elder.

Traffic jam by the school is a regular occurrence.


Jell-O: *Eep! Keavy’s so pretty, she could never like someone with lime highlights.*

Keavy: I like ponds. They make me happy.

Jell-O: So, Keavy. You, uh, single?

Keavy: Yes, and…?

Cake: Grilled cheese is the meaning of life, and if you don’t like it you can gtfo.

Jell-O: Asdafspjribluihefbswebfe- I MEAN I REALLY LIKE YOU!

Keavy: Whoa, Jelly, hold your pigs.

Cake: Ell oh ell.

Jell-O: But, why?

Keavy: It would be nice, but our relationship level isn’t stable enough yet.

Jell-O: Oh…

Jell-O: FML. D:

Keavy: Have’ta go now. Bye.

Despite the denied first kiss, Jell-O is completely infatuated with Keavy.

He doesn’t even know any of her traits. True love y/n?

New day, new attempt!

Keavy: You gonna do something, today?


Keavy: Magnificent.

This is around the time I took a billion pictures of Keavy making faces. Enjoy (and click if it doesn’t work) this gif.

Jell-O has taken a liking to cooking. I’d like to cook something, something with rice. ‘Cause rice is the best. :)

Jell-O: Dinner’s ready!

Keavy: It’s yellow, like my hoodie without a hood.

Keavy: This food, should be a flavour of lemonade.

Jell-O: You’re welcome.

Cake: Yay! Slides are the best.

Cake: Stop, stop! This is too fast!

Cake: Aaahh! My leg! I’m crippled for all eternity!

Cake: Wait, I’m fine?

Cake: Ugh, never again.

Cake: Pie makes everything better. :3

LimeWire, what are you doing?

LimeWire: The voices shut up when I do this.

Chartreuse: Are you choking yourself again?

LimeWire: Nooo.

And so Jelly and Keavy became bf/gf.

Until next time… (no Ham this chapter!)

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