The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 71: M Times 2


Slight spoiler, but you know who this is right? ;)

Last time; Princess Cake became a teen and got a boyfriend in Gilbert, Keavy declared heir war, and Ham blew up stuff.

Gnome: Yo, there’s a lotta scrap metal around here.

Ham to the rescue!

Ham: Like a boss.

Oh, and a triplet birthday happened out of picture.

Jell-O: Dang it. Now I can’t kiss Keavy :(

So Jell-O’s last trait is flirty, ’tis been a while since I had that trait. His LTW is to master all instruments.

Deidre: So I just pose, like this?

Mort: Yep, that’s great.

Deidre: Then I’ll pose, like a boss.

Oh yeah, other kids than Jell-O grew up.

Chartreuse became a kleptomaniac with a wish to become a ghostbuster.

Limelight (who has Mortimer’s eye shape, despite what I said before and haven’t bothered to correct it until now) rolled the trait eccentric, and wishes to become a master of the arts (that’s max guitar and painting, right?).

Not the pose she stroke before, but whatever.

Is anyone still working in the house?

Well, LimeWire is an investigator.

Chartreuse busts ghosts.

And puts them where the sun don’t shine- Wha?

Ham: What am I working as?

Looking at my notes here… Either you work in the journalism track or the… nope. It has to be journalism.

A portrait of Jell-O’s flirty face. I get a better one later.

The spare portraits are done though.

So Chartreuse…

…and Limelight get to move out.

LimeWire: Aaaahh!! Why am I still in the house then?!

You’re going to marry Deidre, of course. Neighbourhood free will won’t get anything done, man.

LimeWire: Oh.

Deidre: ‘Sup, Wire?

LimeWire: *Oh boy, here it goes.*

LimeWire: Would you do me the honor of becoming my love for ever and ever… on paper?

Deidre: Eeeeh, no.

LimeWire: What?! Why?! I don’t-!

Deidre: Don’t get too shot down, it’s just this location is… blargh.

Chartreuse: Awkward~

LimeWire: I have to try again so soon?

Yes. Now get to it!

LimeWire: Marry me, kthxplz!

Deidre: Oh hell yes!

You’re such a romantic, Deidre.

Deidre: Skank, gtfo outta my shot!

LimeWire: >:(




LimeWire: Bye bye.

Cake: Yay! Less people means more solitude creating deadly poison!

Keavy’s being a teenager for too long (all of the Chimeree kids are supposed to be the same age), so cakevolution it is!

Keavy: You kept the hair?

Shut up. I grew fond of it.

I love all of her traits.

I don’t love her LTW. This is the third time a spouse has had this LTW.

Le sigh.

Cars! I can’t remember which expansion, but the car on the right is Keavy’s while the left one is Jell-O’s.

Portraits! I like Keavy’s sickly yellowish skin.

So I have Jell-O visit the newlyweds (if only to see if Deidre’s knocked up yet), but I see something else.

This apartment.

How did they afford it?

Because I don’t remember giving them thousands of simoleons to have something as snazzy as this.

Keavy: You can do this, woman. Read the fortune.

Keavy: Strange, this fortune doesn’t have any text…

Does this mark the return of hardcore clubbing? Maybe.

Oh hai, Victoria! You’ve seen better days.

Keavy: Eee! Bubbles! :D

Jell-O: Keavy, I-

Keavy: Hold that, I need to answer the telemaphone.

Keavy: Bla bla bla I have no idea who you are good bye!

Jell-O: *Epic posing*

Jell-O: Ahem, Keavy, I would like to ask you…

Jell-O: … if you’d like to exchange invisible rings one day?

Keavy: Yeeeeeesssss!!

Back home, Leprechaun has become older and visibly skinnier.

Jell-O: Dad, dad! Guess what? I’m getting married to Keavy!

Mort: About time, son.

The butterfly esplanade, or dome.

Limelight has found a cuddle friend, good for him.

Jell-O: Well, I didn’t think the light would crap out this quickly. Should we take the opportunity anyway, while we’re still here?

Keavy: I don’t see why not.

So now they’re married. Bla bla bla.

Jacques: Ha! Take that, stupid garbage can!

Keavy: Shush shush, we don’t want garbage can knock-overs here!

Keavy: Ach, is this the life of a legacy sim?

Keavy: Oh well, shiny ring! :D

Keavy: My pregnancy swimsuit matches my eyes.

Both had wishes to read the proper books, hurray for good to-be-parents.

Keavy: Ouch! I didn’t know this would hurt already.

Next gen is black, the second to last one. Until next time…

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