The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 72: Change In The Rules


Black font means a new generation, yay! :D

Last time; there were two marriages (Jell-O+Keavy and Wire+Deidre), all the spares moved out, Leprechaun became old, and Ham collected scrap in an animated gif.

These two are still expecting.

Everyone: Someone get that.

Limelight: Now I know how all of our door guests feel.

A new flirty face Jell-O painting, which I replaced the old one with.

Jell-O: You look… distressed, LimeWire?

LimeWire: Rrrgh, my daughter has blonde hair! She must’ve been swapped at the hospital!

Jell-O: Umm, random genes strikes again?

Never mind the child of a spare, here comes the child of an heir!

It’s a (not-blue) girl! I would’ve loved a blue-skinned child, but you can’t have everything.

Her name is Graphite, the stuff in these sort of pens, and she’s an excitable couch potato. Faves: chinese music, cookies, violet.

Jell-O: She looks just like you.

LimeWire: I know. Must be random genes.

Jell-O: …

Oh well, at least she’s very cute.

Cake: About time I grew up!

Yeah, her co-heir has already become a parent.

Cake’s last trait rolled is loner, and her LTW is to create 3 simbots.

Finally these two can get together again.

Deidre: That gives me some… inspiration.

Cake: Gil, remember our deal?

Gil: Yes, I do.

Cake: Then prepare to squeal.

Gil: Squeeee!!

LimeWire: Nothing special here, just photo-bombing.

Corné: I am running, therefore I must photo-bomb.

Door: Yaaaaawn.

Keavy: I am in the middle. Photo-bomb.

Now that Gilbert is a part of the family, here’s his character card.

Gil immediately rushes to smother Graphite.

Jell-O: Umm, Ham, I thought vampires didn’t eat normal people food.

Ham: True, but I can still taste.

Ham: Hot dogs, nom nom.

Here’s a toddler-fied Graphite. She takes most of her looks from dad, but the dark eyes are probably from Mortimer.

Cake didn’t want to be caught in a nice pose for the heir wall, so her portrait is pretty bland.

Alternate title card. Those silly insane simmies.

Yep, Gilbert is baby-crazy.

Jell-O: Gil. Gil. Gil? Can I have my daughter now?

Jell-O: Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil…

Never mind, have a floating Mortimer.

At the age of 94, Mortimer passes on. I’ll miss ya.

As Jell-O’s LTW is music-related, he has four custom painted instruments.

This is one of them.

Keavy: Jelly has certainly improved his skills.


Unless you haven’t noticed it yet, Graphite is not wearing the patterns I said I’d use for this entire legacy.

From now on and in future chapters, all the sims and decoration will expand in terms of patterns and style.

Why? Because I got tired. Even Graphite is tired of it.

Graphite: I’m honestly just tired.

Graphite’s new trait is photographer’s eye.

Picture. ‘Cause it’s cute.

Cake and Gil have moved into Emerald’s old room, and here are their portraits.

Keavy: Move it, mother! Your limbs need some meat on them!

Keavy: Hi, mum. Why are we shaking hands?

Cake: Nothing special here, just being singed.

Graphite: Cupcake. Om nom nom.

Graphite: Plate. Now I will wash you.

Graphite: Blubb blubb blubb.

She’s very excitable isn’t she?

About time Cake popped.

Cake: Gil, I’m pregnant.

Gil: Really? Yaaaay!

Graphite: Nothing special here, just being tired.

Gil: Hello? Baaaaby?

Cake: There’s nothing there to hear you yet, silly.

Lepre: My granddaughter is awesome.

Graphite: I’m just tired.

Gil: Caaake, I loooove yooouu. <3

Lepre: Why am I still here?

Wait wha-?

Jell-O: Is this appropriate, you guys?

Lepre: I can do whatever I want, boy. Drama is needed here.

Jell-O: Okay, then I ship this.

Graphite: I am a good girl. I feed fish.

With the new style rule, I gave Ham a major makeover.

Ham: This isn’t the hair I chose! D:<

Ham: Better.

It’s not like you ever wear your underwear anyway.

I went nuts with the vertical stripes, didn’t I?

Changing the style rule… Why didn’t I do this sooner? Until next time…

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