The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 73: Dark Stuff


I had to struggle to not use Keavy as a title card again.

Last time; Graphite was born, Cake became pregnant, Mortimer died, photo-bombing became a trend, and I changed my styling rules.

Graphite: What’s going on here?

Graphite: Oh, birthday.

Graphite: Yaaaay!

So now Gilbert is a mature adult.

Fun fact: (from eldest to youngest) Gil, Jell-O, Keavy, Cake. Both heirs has a spouse who is older than their sibling.

This is Christel, Graphite’s cousin.

Keavy: Oh hai thar! :D

Christel: Gotta go, bye!

Cake: Gil, I want some attention. Now.

Cake: Nooo, not like that.

Ham: Is it too late to join the photo-bombing?

Gil: Hello? … I can actually hear something!

These two won’t be dealing with any babies, until they become grandparents. Because mods are non-existent in this legacy, there’s no space left for more kids.

This was the shot I had to refuse the title spot.

I mean, Keavy’s so cute as a cop! x3

Lepre: Woo! Sounding great, son!

Jell-O hasn’t mastered any instruments yet, but he’s getting close.

At Christel’s place… Only reading happened.


At home, the real stuff happens!

This too.

Graphite: What’s going on here?

Graphite: Not a death, waaahh!

Keavy: Bastard. :(

Bernard: Yay, Keavy is awesome! :D

Cake: There is something wrong about this kid.

Nah, I just think it’s something about the house. This is the second death here.

This is Coal.

He’s evil and artistic. Likes: indie music, cheesesteak, Irish green.

Graphite: Waaahh! Grandma Tabitha!

Graphite: Oh, and that cousin is annoying. Make it stop, please.

I tried the park, but there were no fitting tables.

The fire station it is!

I’ve done it.

A perfect carbon copy clone. Every feature of Coal is the exact same in his dad.

So it’s already decided, Graphite becomes heiress.

Gil: I don’t care if you are my clone, I still love you.

This again?

So now we have two tombstones next to the pond.

I think this is the vampire that died just now, but he’s skinny now and… is feeding the fish.

Lepre: Mortimer?

Lepre: You’re not Mortimer! Gtfo.

Ham: Wasn’t I a journalist before?

I dunno, but you’re a private investigator now.

Things I didn’t know before but know now: When you pick locks, walls go down.

And they stay down.

Aaaahh! *Dies of cute*

Graphite: Oi! Look at me, I’m excited!

Cake: Hey, you are! Yaaaay!

Graphite: I’m so happy.

She’s a party animal now.

So, of course I give her a super happy style.

Ham: …

Graphite: …

Ham: Wait, was that Graphite?!

Graphite: Hya!

Ham? Eat something!

Ham: Nope, sorry. I’m dying.

Nooooooooo!! D:


Ham: Ha ha! I have floral immunity!


Bernard: Damn it! You know I can’t resist pretty flowers.

Bernard: You’re now alive, for a vampire, bla bla bla whatever.

Yay, she’s back! :D

Bernard: But now you have no flowers left, ha ha!

Ham: I have to train, so I can defeat Bernard if he ever comes for me again.

Until next time…

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