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Murders in Cyrodiil


I played Oblivion for the second time since February today.

I decided to just run through quests with none of the in-character feelings I usually have (because it had been so long since last playing, I didn’t remember most of the stuff I had done).

So I mostly did main quest stuff, and joined the Dark Brotherhood. It’s the DB stuff I want to talk a bit about.

In these open world rpgs (Fallout 3+NV included), I love to sneak around and kill stuff. The sneaking is kind of broken in Oblivion, but stealth killing humanoids is still quite easy. Sneaking is what you do a lot of in the DB side quests, where you act as an assassin. I love that all of the killings I’ve made so far are not all the same.

There’s this one time where you have to loosen the straps on a Minotaur head hanging over your victim’s favourite chair, while he’s sitting in it. Another time is where you have to kill everyone in the sanctuary you’ve gotten so many quests in, and I discovered the fantastic way of killing with poisoned apples. Yet another time you get to kill a retired imperial officer, who’s taking a swim, with a special arrow and later put his severed finger+ring into his successor’s desk.

I love that you get to kill the dunmer you meet at the beginning of the game. I love that you lock yourself in in a manor with five people and systematically kill them off one by one, making them become extremely paranoid against each other.

With this side quest, you can play assassin to a full extent. I took great pleasure in shanking people in their beds.

The only thing I regret, is that the character I played with (Siadrys, my dunmer bard), would most probably not join the Dark Brotherhood.

Two movies in one day


Today I saw two movies: The Hunger Games and Iron Sky. But first my experience in watching two movies on the same day in the same cinema in the same salon in the same seat.

I would not recommend watching two movies (at the cinema) in one day, mainly because you need some time to breathe in between experiences (I’ll elaborate further down). Also, the food you’ll eat consists mostly of snacks, which is so good for most people’s digestive systems.

First movie, The Hunger Games. I honestly saw this just so I could get most of the references which sometimes show up on my tumblr dashboard. Also because I have heard so much praise about it.

The movie is very much worth the praise it gets. I want to read the books now, I should read the books now.  The ending, which tied things together well but left a teensy bit for a sequel, left me in a sort of melancholic I-want-to-know-what-happens-next-right-now-or-I’ll-die-on-the-floor mood. Which affected my viewing of the other film I saw.

Iron Sky, supposedly mostly funded by fan donations. I went in expecting so bad it’s good b-movie, but it turned out kind of blah. It was more bad than funny-bad, and sometimes (especially the ending) it seemed to take itself very seriously. Which you probably shouldn’t, since it’s a movie about space-nazis. The entire movie clashed in tone a lot, it seems it couldn’t decide on what type of movie it should be. I normally don’t laugh at the cinema, most of the audience laughed quite a lot, but I could only find like three times where I could chuckle a bit. Or even imagine I would laugh if I was at home looking at this. I expected more, which gave me sort of mixed feelings when I was going home.

Also, trailers.

Avengers: Got super-hyped even though I wasn’t that hyped in the first place.
Breaking Dawn Part 2: Showed second after Avengers, my excitement died immediately.
Kristen Stewart as Snow White goes to war: I want to see this, even though it’s probably gonna suck.
Expendables 2: The audience shat their pants when seeing Chuck Norris. I’m psyched to see Schwarzenegger again, and Dolph Lundgren. Even though the first movie was meh.

I would like to see more movies on my own, since it’s rare my friends are all available on the same date. Just not two movies in a row.