The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 74: Kick Butt Training


Ham is staking out a beach, and hovers slightly while doing it.

Last time; Coal the clone was born, Graphite became a teen and was named heiress, Gilbert became an adult, Keavy’s mother Tabitha died at the house (as did some random vampire), Ham died too but she saved herself with a death flower.

Training montage in gifs, yay!

In just a few sim hours, she has mastered martial arts.

That’s how awesome she is.

Ham: He he he, now let’s see Bernard try to take my soul… If I even have one…

Come to think of it, the only thing the Grim Reaper does in the Sims is to turn sims into ghosts and making them unplayable.

I’m lingering, let’s move on!

Jell-O: Hnng!

Seems like a trend has started.

Jell-O: Yes! With this white belt, I will earn the love I deserve.

I don’t think you need to prove anything, but whatever.

Graphite: Ach!

Graphite: Ffff… Maybe I shouldn’t train while tired.

Graphite: Oh well, at least I got a white belt.

Ham: I better eat this so I won’t die.


Graphite: Aunt Ham! Let’s spar!

Ham: Alright, but prepare to get your buttocks handed to you.

Graphite: Damn, I lost. Perhaps I’m not cut out for this…

Ham: Don’t get shot down by this, kid. I’m a master, and you’ve only started. Keep on training and you’ll become a master too.

Graphite: Thanks, aunt Ham. Could you help me train, perhaps?

Ham: Sure.

Ham: Good! Keep going like that!

Graphite: Not many can see it, but I got another belt.

Time for a Jell-O birthday! And Elspeth, stop being sexy.

Graphite: Cousin, what you need is a makeover.

Christel: But- I really like this vest.

Graphite: Gal, your whole look is terrible.

Graphite: Soooo?

Christel: Wh- where- where have I gone?

Graphite: I don’t know what you are talking about, you look fabulous.

Christel: FML.

Graphite: I don’t know what that gal’s problem is. Seriously.


Lepre: F My Life.

So everyone is sad and- Wth Jone?

And then. This dude decides to ruin things by dying too!

Rude-dead-guy: :D

Bernard: Lol.

This brings generation 7 to a close. Leprechaun died at the exact age of 90 days. She was a great fisherwoman, even though she couldn’t top the fishing career.

Have a good rest, Lepre.

Huh. Who’s this?

Coal: I’m Coal! *eye twitch*

Ah, yes. He’s a computer whiz now.

Ham: This chair, has never touched a bum. Depressing.

Time to move, yay! Everyone into the super small pink car!

To this house, which I hadn’t finished at the time of moving in. I won’t be doing a house tour ’cause 1) they don’t stay in it for very long and 2) the size makes it difficult to shoot good pictures of.

Somewhere else…

Graphite: Hmm, who is this guy?

Guy: Err, who are you?

Graphite: Graphite, legacy heiress.

Guy: Oh I see.

This is Herman Alanis. I made him specifically for Graphite.

Why? Well, it’s the last time for spouse searching (gen white won’t bother with marriage and stuff), and Bridgeport is full of old vampires.

Graphite: So we’re gonna be together! Isn’t that hilarious?!

Herman: Ha ha, I guess?

Maybe this…

… will make him more enthusiastic?

Another good title card option.

Keavy: So what if I stink? The floor is wobbly.

Coal has been busy making cupcakes… Yay.

At the park (the same one Graphite’s parents visited as teens)…

Christel: Mooom. I need to go to the restroom.

Then go! Nothing’s stopping you. Deidre has put on some weight since I last saw her.

Graphite: Bf/gf?

Herman: Okay.

Yay! Christel found the restroom. :D

Until next time…

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