Regnbåge House Tour #4


So yeah, the family is in Twinbrook now. Just ’cause you can’t make simbots in Bridgeport.

This isn’t a complete tour, but here’s what I got.

I actually made some effort with the lot this time.

The entrance + piano and a dance floor.

Super small space. There’s a computer at the desk where Coal is sitting.

A very open kitchen.

Spiral stairs to the upper floor.

Area specifically for painting.

Only one TV this time.

Overview of the second floor.

Roof where you can stargaze.

Doors to various rooms.

Keavy and Jell-O’s room.

Small bathroom.

Door and clothes changing station.

Ham’s room.

Cake and Gil’s room.

Coal’s room.

Row of heir portraits.

Small reading area.

Spot for gardening.

And that’s pretty much it. I’m quite happy with it. ^^

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