The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 75: Shorts Club


Yay! Someone other than Keavy/Ham/Graphite on the cover!

Last time; martial arts became popular in the house, Leprechaun died, Coal… existed, Graphite got herself a boyfriend, and the family moved into a new house.

Keavy: Oh hai, boy-comrade of my daughter.

Herman: Hello. :)

Keavy: Listen well. Nao.

Herman: Okay…?

Keavy: If you ever do anything of the negative sort against Graphite…

Keavy: … you’ll get smacked so bad you won’t even see stars!

Keavy: Alright?

Herman: Uh.. I..

Keavy: ALRIGHT?!

Herman: Aaaah! Okay! Alright!

Graphite: Why do I always train when I’m tired?

Ham is such a good investigator she gets her own special door.

Keavy: Yaaay! I’m growing older!

Coal: Yaaay!

Coal: I need to pee! Yaaay!

Keavy: How did you get so buff?

Jell-O: Have you looked at yourself?

Keavy: Burglar.

Keavy: I will kick your butt. Like, right now.

Keavy: Or you’ll wait for the cop to do it and ignore me. FML, I’m going to bed.

Graphite: Herman?

Herman: Yes?

Graphite: Are you and/or your parents near-sighted by any chance?

Herman: No, why?

Graphite: Just curious.

Last lime to turn into a mature adult!

Cake: Aw yeah, same hair as my niece.

These two shots…

… I only took because of Ham.

You’ll never be alone while sleeping in the guest bed.

Today’s alternate title card.

Nothing special here, moving on…

Jell-O has converted his wife into the martial arts movement.

That makes a total of four martial artists in the house, although Ham has already mastered it so she doesn’t bother with it very often.

Herman: “The stars will be in your favor in the future”.

Herman: The stars are always in my favor. There’s something wrong with this machine.

These two (shots) are sweet I think. :3

Most dignified birthday ever!

Doesn’t this outfit scream daredevil? No? Well, Coal is one now.

So much daredevil…

that he can…

scare his father.

Gil: Eeeeek! [/girly scream]

Yay, more sparring!

Keavy: I thank you for the good match.

Jell-O: You’re most welcome.

And both gets belts. :D

Jell-O was the winner, by the way.

Graphite: Dad! I want to spar against you too!

Jell-O: Alright, but prepare to get defeated, kiddo.

True enough, Jell-O won.

Graphite: Dad, I’m older now. Now I’m going to win!

Elspeth, stop being sexy (again), and helpful! >.<

If I had whatever-mod-you-need-to-make-babies-from-same-gender-sims I would’ve gotten Elspeth and Graphite together.

Graphite’s final trait is schmoozer, and her LTW is to master martial arts and athletic.

Graphite: People, look at this.

So because she’s a pyromaniac (hidden trait from Emerald) she can turn life fruit into flame fruit. Useless, but fun.

Following: Awesome portraits.

Because I discovered you can rotate.

So, um, yeah, cake.

I love that the patterns stuck to his adult top.

Herman is the latest member of the shorts club (or at least not-full-length pants).

Current members: Graphite, Keavy, Gilbert, Lime Jell-O, and Ham.

Herman wants to become an astronaut, that’s a new one.

Another great portrait, with excellent lighting too.

Next time, white babies? We’ll see…

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  1. Yhea! Another update…. I’ve never had the pyromaniac trait…that would be fun to see more of….. thanks for the martial arts gifs again…..I am gonna have to try that ….the short club….hehehehe…funny,

    “You’ll never be alone while sleeping in the guest bed.” this totally cracked me up!

    Looking forward to more! :D

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