The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 77: Party All The Time


I have nothing special to say here, ‘cept that the snow outside has just melted so that I can finally go and recycle some cans. [insert time here where I went and did just that]

Last time; the family got Generations, settled in Twinbrook, Coal was sent off to hippie school, Herman asked Keavy for Graphite’s hand in marriage, Cake blew up stuff, and Ham died again but was brought back because last time didn’t count.

Ham: Oi, Sinbad. Give me the info!

Sinbad: Or what?

Ham: Rrarrr!

Ham: Now spill it!

Graphite: I’m just dancing in my underwear~

Graphite: And now I have to go to work. Blah.

Cute pose! x3

Time for a bachelor party where the theme is horrible clothing styles!

I went overkill with the nectar spraying.

Time for strippers!

And booze.

Herman: Uhm…

Herman: *I think I lost my appetite*

Sinbad: Weee!


Twinbrook’s OTP, I say.

Oh hai, Sofia! Why does your neck look so long?

Everyone: BEST. PARTY. EVER!

But no rest, ’cause here’s the bachelorette party!

At the same time, Ham is at the park having just finished the last job required to top the investigator career.

And it is there she finds this guy.

It’s Chester, donning a (mostly) pink outfit. :D

At the party, stripper time.

Jell-O: Everyone! I have a speech!

Graphite: Aaah! Stop embarrassing yourself, dad!

Jell-O: Then get a taste of this!

Graphite: Nuuu…

At the park…

Chester: Are those flowers behind your back?

Ham: Err, no?


Then, all of a sudden…



It’s not funny, Sinbad!

Bernard: Pffft, hahahaha! You’re so entertaining to watch.

Ghostly-Herman: Err, thanks?

Bernard: I can’t let you go already, though.

Herman: I’m alive!

Herman: Problem, Lucy?

Graphite: Oh, I’m so glad you’re back… Never do that again.

Herman: I’ll try.

Lucy: Yay, kitty!

Oh, and Jell-O is an elder now.

The rest of the party went along calmly.

There was dancing.

Drunk flirting.

Loads of stinky dishes.

Sinbad broke the urinal.

And duelled in dancing on the counters against Sofia. All in all, it was a good pair of parties.

Until next time…

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