The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 79: You Can Always Dance


Fun fact: This was the only shot I could use as a title card, because the others were too spoilery.

Last time; Cake made 3 simbots, Coal came home from hippie school, Cake+Gil+Coal moved out so Chester, Ham’s bf, could move in.

Ham: With the breaking of this space rock, two weddings can begin.

But first, let’s look at everyone’s formal wear.

You’ve already seen Ham’s fabulous dress.

Graphite wears this chinese dress, to connect with her martial arts interest.

Jell-O can’t wear anything specially fabulous, since elders get nothing interesting to wear, but the shoes are nice.

Now Chester’s suit, I love. I love it so much.

I think it’s the stripes which makes it fabulous.

Herman’s though might look lame, but I think it’s a nice complement to Graphite’s bold print.

And you’ve seen Keavy’s before. Still awesome.

Black mixed with pink is the theme.

The guests are here, let’s begin.

Naw, don’t cry Jell-O.

Ham: Are you crying, Sinbad?

Sinbad: No.

Sofia: I can’t believe this legacy is almost over. *Sniff*

Ham: Eff yeah, finally it’s my turn!

Just in time for the lighting to start crapping out.

Also just in time for Ham to start burning.

Cake: It’s so touching.

Gil: Oh gawd, my eye!

At night, it’s burglar wearing glasses time!

Bastard steals the piano.

Keavy: Can I kick his butt now?

Nope. Not this time either.

Keavy: Life stinks.

Ham: Yay, I’m married.

Ham: Yay, I’m pregnant.

Graphite: Yay, I’m da boss.

Graphite: Yay, I’m pregnant.

Dat face. DAT FACE.

Ham: Chester munch, I’m pregnant.

Graphite: I’m preggers, Herman!

Herman: Yeah, but I just got promoted.

Just look at that uniform. :3

Like good pregnant sims of society, there is reading up on the subject…

… and lifting weights. Wat?

The following 13 pictures is of two pregnant women dancing. I regret nothing.

Money tree. Something this family does not need.

How’s it going, Graphite?

Graphite: Good, I just mastered it.

You did! This means your LTW is completed. :D

Herman: How’s the baby?

Graphite: It’s fine.

Graphite: It told me you have been slacking, work it!

Luckily, Ham does not whip her husband.

Hey guys! Why are you panicking?

Lucy: It’s just labor, it’s nothing special.

Says the one who were panicking a frame ago.

Julienne: I’m starving but I don’t caaare~

Graphite: Some help, please?

Sinbad: No.

Off to the hospital we go!

But we won’t see the outcome in this chapter.

Next time: white generation, the last one! Eeep!

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      • LOL….I didn’t think so but I will look forward to seeing your ISBI when you start posting it. I am doing one and it is super hard for me not to control the kids….and the Genie ….not sure how long I’ll last. Have a good weekend :D

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