The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 80: Return Of The Ghosts


No, Keavy’s thankfully not dead. She just used a ghost potion.

Last time; marriage for Graphite+Herman & Ham+Chester, Graphite reached her LTW, there was dancing, both ladies became pregnant, and the chapter left off when they were both in labor.

Herman: Who left a larvae out here?

Anyway, here are the last babies for this legacy.

This is Peanut, Ham and Chester’s daughter. She is of the brown generation.

Most of her genes is from her dad, but eye shape and hair colour is from her mother.

Her traits are brave and easily impressed. She prefers listening to pop music, eat pancakes and the fave colour is lilac.

This is Sugar, Graphite and Herman’s son. Genewise, a nice blend of his parents.

He’s a friendly genius, who likes to rockabilly music, the colour white, and to eat mac and cheese.

Toddler training ahoy!

But this is where the game decided to flip out.

The only solution was to move towns.

I moved to Meadow Glen and remodeled a premade house there.

The link to a tour of a house can be found at the end of the chapter.

Herman: They’re talk training? My kid can already do that.

Potty training. Yay…

The pee… THE PEE! D:

For the first time in a long while, the ghosts are on the lot again. And they are very active.

This night the ghosts visiting are: Tenderloin.



And Pollen.

Can’t remember who decided to haunt the old gnome, from the floor below.

Not long before Herman will fly out to space.

Ham: I require some of your blood, my dear.

Chester: Go ahead then.

Ham: No silly, I need it from your neck.

Chester: D:

Ham: Nom nom. :3

Chester: This actually feels nice.

Ham: Is there a reason behind the flowers? Just tell me.

Chester: Please turn me into a vampire, please!

Ham: Hmm, on the one hand I won’t get to feed on you anymore…

Ham: …but I’d hate for you to get old and die. I’ll do it.

Chester: Aaah! Thank you, love!

Ham: I will miss sucking your blood.

Peanut: Pony!

Chester: Just a little to the left, Peanut.

Peanut: Weee!

Keavy: I can have fun too!

Stop flirting you two!

Perfectly interrupting birthday, yay!

Herman: Oh, no!

Herman: I’m faaaat! D:

Graphite: I’m old but I’m still a baws!

Chester: I think I’m getting fat too. :(

Sugar: What is this creepy thing in my bed?!

I would say time for a twin birthday, but Peanut and Sugar aren’t twins, not even distant cousins.

Peanut: This glass filter is not flattering on me.

I do not apologize for going nuts with the prints and patterns.

Her new trait is never nude.

Time for the other twin cousin distant relative to grow up.

Is it just me or does Sugar look sunburnt?

Sugar: A salute, for my dad.

He rolled lucky.

Until next time…

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  1. BTW, Ham was basically part of Purple Generation just with a diff. mother and born the same time as the Blue one. Peanut is a 1st cousin of said Blue generation, 1st cousin once removed of the Turquoise generation, 1st cousin twice removed of the Green generation, thrice removed to the Lime, fourth times removed to the Black and thus now, Peanut and Sugar are: First cousins Five Times Removed. I’m guessing they’d be still related. It’s a 1st cousin NINE TIMES removed that would not be related anymore. Like if you started with siblings, decided to make one immortal and the other not, and the immortal sibling had a child the same age as the Gen 10 heir.

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