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The good, the bad, and Uni Steel


More Fallout rambling here.

I recently came to the conclusion that with all the insane preparation I’ve made for playing New Vegas, I have three characters to play with.

The good you may recognize, because I’ve featured her before, is Siadrys Varilo. I had trouble getting her into the game in the cosmetic way, since elf ears, red eyes, and black skin are unavailable in a vanilla New Vegas game (not that I want mods anyway). Instead I went with “what would she look like if she was human?”. Siadrys (in the Fallout universe) is charismatic, her primary weapons is the shotgun and rifles good for sniping, and all of her actions are almost always good.

The bad is Arrille Culumarie, an altmer from Oblivion, because I play the good guy too often. He is quite cold, greedy, power-hungry, and prefers pistols as his weapon of choice. In comparison, Arrille has the brains while Siadrys has the brawns. Also, both of them are sneakers because that’s the way I prefer to play New Vegas (and 3).

Now the last is Uni Steel. She (or he if I wanted it) can be anything I want her to be. As soon as I’ll start playing New Vegas again, she’s the one I’ll play. She’ll gamble like crazy, and obliterate her enemies with her fists. The only thing about her that is consistent throughout all of her versions is her notable red hair, and the name of course.

And that’s about it… for now.

Jurassic Park


The game for the SNES, not the movie.

After viewing this I got the urge to play this game. My brother had the game once, but he loaned it indefinitely to a friend of his in exchange for stupid Brett Hull Hockey. This still annoys me, because anyone who is remotely sane would not switch dinosaurs for hockey.

Yesterday I finished it in one sitting. The nostalgia factor made it quite entertaining, until a certain point.

The outside parts are the most fun, but those parts are the ones I suck at. On the other hand, the inside parts are not so fun, but it’s so damn easy I can’t suck at it even if I wanted to.

Pretty much all the time you get pop-ups from the characters from the movie. Nedry always tries to get you killed, what a douchebag.

The controls on the inside are… bad. Why is it so hard to go through a door sometimes? No wait, not a door. There are always two doors, wherever you go. All the places have at least two floors. All the items on the inside respawn, while the dinosaurs do not. Which makes it easy to hoard rocket launcher missiles.

There is one instance where you have to stop the raptors (who look fat in this game) from going into the visitors center, by going to their pen and block a pair of doors. Well, you push a crate once, and the game says it’s blocked. But it’s actually not, since it’s not even close to the doors.

Good points: the music (although it tends to get whiplash-y when walking near the border of two “zones”), dinosaurs, objectives makes sense.

Bad points: no ability to save, inside areas, that flippin Mr DNA who pops up 2 seconds after you stop moving.

Waiting game


So in my Platinum game, I’m currently waiting.

I want a Metagross, but to get one I first have to;

  • Catch a Ditto in the Trophy Garden.
  • Catch a Beldum in a swarm.

Both of the above are daily events.

I can’t really progress in the game (like the Stark Mountain event or the other part of Victory Road), because I’d hate for Metagross to fall behind (once I have it, that is). Unless I’d want to challenge the Frontier Brains.

Some pokéstats


About like 8 or 9 hours ago I beat the Elite Four (for the first time) on Pokémon Platinum. Here is my team if someone is curious.

Renato – Male Togekiss – LVL 55 – Timid – Serene Grace
Air Slash – Fly – Shadow Ball – Aura Sphere

Burkhardt – Female Milotic – LVL 55 – Bold – Marvel Scale
Hydro Pump – Rain Dance – Ice Beam – Surf

Bernice – Female Mamoswine – LVL 55 – Jolly – Oblivious
Earthquake – Ice Fang – Ice Shard – Stone Edge

Zeleznik – Male Tangrowth – LVL 55 – Sassy – Chlorophyll
Sleep Powder – Power Whip – Solarbeam – Brick Break

Antonia – Female Ambipom – LVL 55 – Adamant – Technician
Double Hit – Aerial Ace – Fire Punch – Return

Fawn – Genderless Giratina – LVL 55 – Hardy – Pressure
Psychic – Thunder – Dragon Claw – Shadow Force

The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 85: So It Comes To An End


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I guess it’s unbearable waiting time


Last Fallout related post in a while, unless I get the urge to whine about how much I miss Boone.

I’ve kind of lost my passion/urge to play for Fallout 3 since I finished the main quest plus Broken Steel. I think I did that two days ago. I tried to continue to fuel it with an evil character, but it just didn’t do it. I want to play New Vegas, I may do it in less than two weeks when I go home so I can get internet for Steam, primarily because I have yet to finish it. I know the Capital Wasteland pretty well, but not the Mojave.

So yeah, Broken Steel. It may be because I rushed it, but I thought it was kinda underwhelming. The original ending is so complete that BS (ha ha) feels tacked on. I think the Tesla Cannon was cool, although it was only good for sniping turrets.

I have also replayed Mothership Zeta, it was better than I remembered. So, in ranking. 1) O: A 2) M Z 3) T P & P L & B S

Later, I’ll post some screenshots I took of my good and evil characters.