The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 82: King Or Queen


Chester’s first title card I believe.

Last time; the kids were playing, Chester became a vampire, and Peanut’s IF Monkey unfortunately came to life.

Peanut: Duup di duup…

Peanut: I’m not rigging traps. You’re nuts.

Peanut: Watch out pedestrian!

Peanut: Weeee!

Peanut: Whoa! Hope that donkey is okay.

Peanut: Moooooose!!

Peanut: My greatest plan ever, hehehe.

Peanut: Bow to me, people of this little house!

Peanut: For I am your ruler, yada yada yada…

Peanut: Now bring me some slaves!

Random Guy: I bow to you, Peanut.

Random Guy: For you are the queen.

Peanut: That’s king, thank you very much.

Your moodlet says otherwise.

Put fart pillows on all the benches!

Herman! You’re an astronaut now! Aren’t you happy?

Herman: No.

Well, why not?

Herman: Look at my face.

Herman: Wrinkles. They are everywhere.

Herman: I’m decaying rapidly. I’ll be gone soon.

Snap out of it, man! You’re still smokin’!

Meanwhile, Graphite is still not bothered by her age.

Sugar: I’m done now, mom.

Graphite: Wooo! My kid is a boss!

Graphite: Could you show me some ballet?

Sugar: I’ll try.

Sugar: Hey, I didn’t fall this time.

Graphite: Super awesome, mah boi!

Butterflies and insects Ham have collected.

Minor picture spam of Chester practising his speechcraft.

Keavy has been busy mixing dangerous potions. What was her LTW again?

Only Peanut had a good time, lol.

The souvenirs they got.


Sugar: What?

Yay for medal.

Peanut: Cousin, can you tell if this is any good?

Sugar: At least you don’t fall on your butt.

I’m showing a lot of pillow fighting, I should lessen these kind of shots.

What I shouldn’t lessen though, is hugs. :3

Time for ballet recital.

Stop the flirting damn you!

Luckily everyone is too derpy to notice.

The trophies they got.

Until next time…

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