The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 83: A Really Short One


Spoiler, but we all knew Peanut was going to be pretty.

Last time; stuff happened, most of it was Peanut-centric.

I’ve just cleaned out my sims 3 related fraps folder, so enjoy future pop-ups of things I thought was relevant at the time.

First, Jell-O has topped his career.

Keavy has been busy.

Peanut: I’m young again?

Sugar: I’m growing up too, ya know.

Peanut: Uh huh.

Not as pattern-heavy as her child outfits, but I still love it.

Where there are successes there are also failures. I’m so sorry Sugar.

Peanut signs for the music club and drama club.

She rolled virtuoso.

Sugar rolled childish, so shop club and art club it is for him.

Why are you two minus-ing? You used to be married!

Learning to drive… yay?

Meanwhile, Keavy.

Plus space rocks. :3

Graphite: Good driving, son.

Graphite: You deserve something nice.

Sugar: :D

Meanwhile, Peanut.

You know what this means?

Heart-cut pwetty stones. OwO

Meanwhile, Jell-O.

And Ham.

That’s it for this time. Short, I know, but the next one is three times longer! Until next time…

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